Since few days game is crashing without reason

Its not connected with latest update.
Game is crashing constantly, at random moments.
After update, always when entering Chaos Wastelands, or few seconds after loading Chaos Wastelands “preparation chamber”.

GUID: e2c39f84-ec4d-4be8-b7b1-eebf67e52fc0
Log File:
Info Type:
-----------------------------------------------crash_dump-2021-04-20-14.52.36-0dafbdf9-6241-4a94-b6b9-d96cbc515d23.dmp (888.4 KB)

Hi @pluszowyjesiotr,

This appears to be a GPU-related crash.

I recommend running through solutions here:

Ive changed my 1080TI to 2060RTX for a test and works as golden, so yes, smth with my gpu.
Thanks for quick answer!

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