Thoughts on Chaos wastes

Love the procedural nature , love not having to carry tomes / books. do sometimes get lost and cant work out which way to go .
Kerillions bow is great, the troll torp is nuts broken op, the crows foot is meh the sield and spear … dunno cant use it but it looks like a copy and paste job. and siennas staff… lol its oooooo tiny and wee

7 stops 2 shops , sometimes on the 2nd and 5th node. making it impossible to use the first and leave you with half the coins unspendable prefer to have a couple of buffs available at the end of each level via there own in map doodads (like the chest of trials)

huge amount of the buffs have no noticeable affect, a few extra HP , a negligable buff to a stat … woop . one trap that means you simply cant ever risk using the random buff shrine (suicidal leap forward on push ftw) some fun ones but no guarentee you will see any

but the fatal flaw, the sucking chest wound the simple obvious flaw, the thing we have been complaining about since original release, your netcode is shite and your lack of host tranfer is neglegent beyond belief. hard to find the will to bother signing up for a 7 map trip out with the knowledge theres a good 50/50 outside of everything happening in the game istelf of just getting your time wasted.

no servers, no working netcode , no host transfer, no point.

We talking PC or consoles here? I´ve only played a few expeditions as a client but i didnt actually have any problems…that said, i did notice some people crashing and disconnecting though so there are definitely problems, but i felt the clarification of what platform to be important.

im on pc. this is an issue the game has suffered from since its launch though its not specific to this mode , just the length of this mode both ups the losses of it happening and gives it longer to happen so…

Different cases for different people, i am aware that some got a short stick but for me i only really had major problems like in the wake of network patch 3.4 or such. Other than those i hardly ever had episodes of DC’ing and crashes.

I recommend uploading crash and console logs next time you get the problems in QP or expeditions and send em over to fatshark. With a bit of luck things may improve for you.