Just some bugs and feedback (with some screenshots)

  • Blightstormer wallhack

  • I want this ladder as a bardin shield (righteous stand at the cannon, but i guess the other ladders are the same)

  • no comment

  • Also had a facespawning svpatrol today on skittergate halfway between the entrace gate and the first grim.

  • Ratlings are silent 90% of the time, often along with chaos berserkers(until they start attacking) and a bit less often packmasters

  • In Righteos stand temple the specials often spawn in the middle circle around the statue, often resulting in facespawns

  • Gasbombs that explode on the ceilingin tunnels, and narrow spaces usually have no visual indication at all, just the gas effect when you walk into it and getting damaged

  • chaos spawn able to target and kill you through walls (empire in flames, last tome, we heard the boss far away, none of us seen it from the team, we jumped down to the tome quickly, next second 2 of us just got killed through the wall, we saw and heard the spawn just after that outside, walking in at the door. Also after a ress Kruber with purple poti, chain charging didnt stagger the spawn, killing him…)

  • Also some weapon feedback. Keri 2h sword is just horrible. Its damage is low esp on charged armor headshots (~25 dmge with armor bonuses… like rly? 2h weapon with armor piercing bonus in all over the warhammer universe), and to the low damage it gets awkward cutting angles and low speed(Its crap even with bonus AS and PvsArm on gear and talents…) At its current state even the 1h swords performance is better…

  • Can we not get a chaos spawn, 1-2 chaos horde and 2 of every special at the same time at the exact second that we jump down to the first grim on Halescourge? PLZ? Not the first time that the map ends there, and at that situation it just doesnt matter that the team is organised and well rounded…

  • chaos skating still not addressed, and the slot system usually becomes nonexistent as soon as you move…

  • Please reduce Saltz xbow aimpunch. Its atrocius. If you shoot after you get hit while aiming you sooner hit something behind you than what you were actually aiming for…

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