Game breaking stuff

I know I will achieve nothing with this, just trying to let it out. Maybe someone will do something.

I reported a few bugs which we encountered:

  • blightstormers still casting through walls
  • beasties missing backstab sounds sometimes. Again.
  • gasrats, archers facing another direction and throw/shoot
  • skittergate reduces player hp to 1
  • enemies (complete horde) walks through players making them unable to move (full bodyblock), then killing them.

Will we ever reach a state when the game works fairly? Not flawlessly, just I want it to be fair. Because now it is not. Clearly. I don’t know how the developers play their game, but if they they do I cannot believe they don’t meet with these stuff. Others suffer from it as well. My friends are my witnesses, I am the witness for my friends we all encountered these many-many times.

The bugreports are always marked as acknowledged but it is clear, the developer team isn’t fixing them. So why am I still posting the reports for bugs? They said the the feed back is precious, why don’t they give a damn about it? They prioritize the cosmetics, the weaves, the balance of heroes. My first blightstormer bugreport was born months ago 3 or 4, and still nothing happened. Don’t tell me that a stormer casting through solid wall is not a bug (wrong alignment of wall textures - a few pixel wide hole isn’t wall and poof, here it goes the line of sight - which must be fixed before new cosmetics. Again: bug here, another fail there. Something is always wrong with this game.

Seriously this is the normal way to maintain a game? No matter we have a faulty system running on live, but it’s not the priority. The cosmetics are, the balances are, the new contents are. For the record I am not pleased with any of the new stuff. I think the helmgart maps are still the best. Old haunts is a boringly long map (again), the cosmetics are nothing new (sienna’s headgears just a crate of jokes which was opened by Lohner)

Now Fatshark and the sharks in the tank finally achieved that my counter from 2500 hours to 2600 is going up freaking slow and my friends and I began to play other games. We simply got tired from the promises and the work what the company do at maintaining the game.


Absolutely agree on these being some of the most important bugs to fix. The gasrat one is more annoying than anything else, but enemies clipping into players or just running through you to surround you is incredibly annoying and can be run ending if you’re the last one up (or even if you’re not).

My game breakers are

  • wall casting blightstormers
  • wall hacking rattling guns
  • the hit boxes of Mauler overheads and Chaos Spawn grab