DLC weapons

Looks like the monster damage buff to BoP and the new axe/falchion makes saltzpyer the most powerful class in this game, especially on zealot. The combination of the two weapons allow salzpyer to out kill and out damage all other class, even dedicated “dps” class such as huntsman Kruber, slayer, pyro or shade. These two weapons along with Sienna’s crowbill need be tuned down.

Asking for nerfs on the Bop? That’s a bold move cotton, let’s see how this plays out.

But yea, salty zealot is in a good place right now. The 1 shot breakpoint for hordes allows you to slaughter hordes with the dual axe/falchion. But let’s not pretend it’s OP, the rapier can be built for it as well. And the rapier can take down CWs and SV much faster, although it’s skill based and depends on your aim. Rapier charged shots banging out around 9k damage. Only time I can justify taking the flail is for double damage, double health and vanguard deeds. So you can stun lock the SV while the party burns them down.

1 handed axe does more damage but has less clear. I haven’t messed with falchion since the nerf. I am not getting the last hit on any armour enemies when contested. The DPS is good though as I do when monster last hits.

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