Huge Embarrassment! Your worst blunder?

Sooo. yesterday I made a new personal best of “Bloody Stupid thing to do”

Fighting a chaos warrior. I ran up behind him, shade ran up in front, Shade beat me to it and killed CW with ult. A tiny split second later I hit the shade with the Bounty Hunter Ult directly to the face. Insta-dead Shade.

Shade player was gracious about it, and I suppose it is quite fitting Saltz executes a shade at close quarters but MAN I felt like the worst team player in the history of the game.

Tell me your worst ,most humiliating mistake? Chucking Grims away is childs play - hit me with something truly dumb you did.


One time I accidentally brought axe and falchion to a game.

The character I wanted (Kruber) was taken, so I decided to test my faith in Sigmar. I had forgot that I switched to the axe and falchion earlier to change the illusion on my 2h sword, and had to spend the WHOLE GAME looking like someone who uses that weapon.

It was frankly horrible.


Well in V1 I killed the whole team (including myself) Just before the wagon on a full book cata run with a bomb, I thought I still had the gunnery school trinket equipped. My team was not to happy lol


-play support merc
-CW charge his overhead towards a downed ally with grim
-Use ult to rez ally
-Ally get instakilled and loses the grim

Honestly this is the only one I remember right now, but I know I often do stupid things, or else I wouldn’t have written “F*ck me” so many times before in the chat.


Thats actually strange, he should be staggered from your ult

Was only in range of my ally ^^

You can throw away grim even with “Sticky Grim” mod, all you need is to think that you trying to cancel grenade throw.

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Adeon, I’ve done that twice now lol.

Most embarrassing thing I did… guess it was Friendly fire. I was on waystalker, just woke up, hadn’t had my coffee. Managed to miss nearly every headshot, as well as miss 4 shots on a gutter runner who had pinned kruber. I eventually gave up an ran to melee the assassin. I ended up with over 250 FF damage at the end of the game using a longbow. I was playing elf tho, so I guess I was just role playing it as a normal elf player. lol


Worst thing i can remember is when i tossed a bomb and managed to kill not one but two of my teammates…i had been aiming at a chaos warrior in a mixed horde that our bounty saltz killed with his ult.

Making my bomb just fly by the intended hitzone and instead hit the saltzpyre in the face, and the Dwarf next to him, which together with the arriving stormvermin dropped them both instantly.

Thankfully neither of those had a grim, and our kruber who had been next to me saw the entire thing so it was laughed off but i felt so awkward about it.:fearful:

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Pardon me for my ignorance, but why is “axe and falchion” considered a problem to use?

Its not he just have “vegan complex”


It’s extremely overpowered, especially on the Zealot which benefits the most from it. But, since it’s release, it’s the best in slot weapon for all 3 classes of Salty. It just does everything his other weapons do, but it does them better.

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you mean its on par with elf weapons


Held the “Revive Teammate” key until I thought I’d revived them (I was about .2 seconds short when I let go), whirled around and tried to deliver a bomb to a Bile Troll’s face (at the end of Hunger in the Dark). I didn’t wholesomely realize how wounded I was and promptly killed myself and the troll.

Given that we now had 4 players prone and no enemies alive, we promptly lost a full book run.

@Slayerkin they aren’t a problem, they’re just considered very strong right now. There are some rather close-minded folks who will actually grief another player for wielding them… it’s just silly. Wield what you want with no remorse; there is no “wrong” build in this game :slight_smile:

I just realized i can’t read that without thinking of this. Damn Helsreach was good.

So last night nobody was really on to do anything fun so I did a few qp’s.
Playing RV with grudge. Had the grim because Salty Zealot would not take it.
Must have been a new Zealot player. Running around with full green health, healing himself etc…
So me kidding around say “lemme help ya Salty man!!”
Shot him twice bringing him down to around 50 green hp.
He shoots me with his Brace putting me into downed state.
Team mates revive me.
Someone initiates vote kick on Salty. Before I can finish typing to the others I shot first, he had been kicked.


Han(zy) Shot First!



No, it’s actually better than all the elf weapons. The only elf weapon that comes close is the glaive, but the A&F is far superior in terms of attack speed and mobility. With the glave only having 3 dodges, the A&F having 6 with a 25% bonus on the dodges. They have the same cleave count but the A&F has a 20% crit bonus on push attacks and is classified as a Heavy Linesmen compared to Glaive being just normal linesmen. The A&F also has higher monster damage multipliers, dealing even more boss damage than the elves dual daggers.

The A&F makes all of Salties other weapons obsolete and turns the Zealot into a god.

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20% crit on stamina costing attack and not being AA, well its still worse than 10% crit on every attack or 40% crit on light attack combo. Glaive is 2hd weapon that is best 2hd weapon outside of spear, its have amazing stats comparing to rest of 2hd weapons.

I would say A&F make only falchion and axe obsolete, but its same to 1hd sword vs any of dual weapons of elf.

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I joined a group of randoms and they’ve told me that they want to do “No Brazier” challenge in the Blightreaper map. I was happy to join them because that was the one challenge that I haven’t had finished. The leader of the group spelled it for me in caps “DO NOT FIRE THE BRAZIERS

We started the map and I was playing with FK Kruber. So, I did a little bit of what I like to call “Proactive aggressive defensive” play by charging ahead into dark and slamming the mobs with my 2h mace. It felt really good, so good in fact that at one point I charged ahead, shot a leech sorcerer with my blunderbuss, killed a CW with a warhammer and then I lit the brazier… And then I said “Oh Fuc.k me”… everybody stopped and nobody said anything for about 30 seconds.
Next thing I know I was kicked from the group.