Oneshot Deathrattler then Rasknitt. (anyone else seen this?)

Last night 2 friends and I were playing skittergate (on my friends host) on champion with a random Shade player using the red daggers.

We got to the end fight and when deathrattler lost about about 10-20% of his health, the Shade used infiltrate and backstab and Deathrattler died. Rasknitt wondering what the hell was going on went over to see and the shade kindly demonstrated and Rasknitt went from about 90% healthy to dead.

My friends and I were on discord and none of us knew or saw what happened, we were in a different corner trying to DPS down Rasknitt when he teleported, and previously I was courageously hiding behind a pillar when Deathreattler died.

I’ve not attempted to repeat this, so I don’t know if it’s possible that Rasknitt/Deathrattle are strangely vulnerable to the Shade or if our shade was using some kind of exploit, or if there is a hole in the map they both just happened to fall though. (If I had worked out what caused this I’d be writing a bug report.) Has anyone else seen this or something like it occur?

I should add we only know what happened as the Shade was as stunned as us, and explained how he kill them.

Probably damage cap bug. All bosses have a melee damage cap - the max melee damage they can take from 1 hit. I think now it isn’t straight damage number, but rather a maximum multiplier of base weapon damage that can be applied to boss.

Obviously, the cap bugged out and ceased to work. Idk if that’s related to DnD, cause it has a special multiplier, or just Rasknitt thingy, but that’s obviously what happened.

That was my first thought too.

I won’t be able to test it for at least 48 hours so… I was hoping someone else either had seen it or decided to follow up and test :slight_smile: or if they’d seen this issue too.

Are you sure the shades wasn’t using a concentration potion? Allows him to special about 5+ times very quickly if he has the lvl 25 ult cool-down reduction skill and cool-down reduction % on his items.

Deathrattler currently does not have a melee boost cap like the regular bosses and lords.

Fixed in today’s patch: