Damage hack is rising these days? not sure this can be possible

I was doing deed and it was skittergate legend with harder better faster + vanguard + sudden death

our shade did kill deathattler with one ult and also kill rasknitt just one ult

didn’t test this on modded realm but i dont think it is possible

he did this without sharpnel bomb and whc’s tag ability

what do you think?

i can provide his steam profile by email if dev want

If I remember correctly, Skittergate boss was never fixed for the damage multipliers like normal bosses and the other lords. Not sure if it’s possible to do it with concoction trait and daggers alone, but maybe.

It was somehow fixed, at least Infiltrate damage on Rasknit/Deathrattler, but not very long ago I found that BB and Grudgeraker do just enormous amount of damage to Rasknit, as a result RV/Hobo with a shotgun just destroys little one. I haven’t played Skittergate in a few weeks, meybe there is some bug or broken synergy, but when I’ve done it as/with Shade like a month ago Infiltrate was doing something around 10-15% of their max HP as damage.

Ofc it’s always a possibility that there was a cheater, I can’t say I’ve met a lot of them but shіt happens.

Dual daggers or Sword and Dagger second attack does insane amounts of damage since balance beta. Stack some strength, barrage or build towards killing bosses and it’s plain silly :slight_smile:
And deed mutators, of course, doesn’t affect the lord health or damage.

Dude, I know it all, also I tried that bullcrap like stacking 40% crit damage on weapon and charm, +10% Monster and Concoction on a charm adding 25% power from Barrage and 15% power from grim and suddenly you oneshot (or almost oneshot) some ROger or CSpawn, ofc if you are not on a deathwish. But you will be surprised if you will try all of this on a Rasknitt. You will see that you do a lot less damage with Infiltrate to rasknit than to normal Monsters because he is not a Monster, he actually has Infantry armour type, and yes, DD/SD do more damage to Monsters than to Infantry with heavy attacks.

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