Exploit on skittergate

On the rasknitt fight its possible to jump back out of the arena near the entrance left side looking into the arena from the gate.

Yeah… fix that immediately. Also other lords should have this exploit.

You can actually skip the entire map by going under the bridge.

i entered into a legend quickplay where 2 guys were farming skittgate by dropping down to the generators after entering portal, activating, and then returning and later cheesing the boss by jumping on the platform.

my enjoyment for the game went down to rock bottom playing with them, i mean, for me the fun is killing and maneuvering and dodging and all that good combaty stuff. i left after they attempted to start up another custom skittergate map.

it’s a surefire way to bore the hell out of the game imo. learn the fights properly!

Told a guy the other day i didnt wanna do it as i think exploits are cheating( he also wanted to stand on bridge and negate the entire bossfight ). He then proceeds ranting on voice how he has never cheated in his life… w/e it was a very long match on champ as him and his goonies died atleast 3-4 times each… sigh

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