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Hey, we found a huge skip exploit in skittergate where you can skip the entire map With battlewizard. It’s in the area of the first crank before the portal and you end up at the elevator for the end. Easy fix by setting up a wall or Just make the lift run only after boss is dead. x) hope for a fix soon.

I’m also still able to do the skip on war camp…

Oh wow. The skittergate skip is still around? I remember this being reported months ago. Never heard of the War Camp skip though.

Oh yeah forgot about the war camp one, a bit harder but still there :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why anyone would do this? Yeah, bugs should be fixed, but why bother with starting the map and finishing it “instantly” abusing a bug? Just trying to understand the people who would do this, because I don’t get it…

warcamp skip is even easier with BW then the skittengate one
(diffrents is it can be done by some other dashchars aswell)

havent checked in the grain in awhile but if the other 2 skips remain this one will also still work

a simply example would be , you get a b2b skittergate deed,
well you can find 3 people that are willing to grind with you to get it done
which i can tell you isnt alot of fun, its a slow paced GRINDFEST
or you fight your way to the skippart, which still takes ALOT of time and get rid of the deed

another example:
you helping (in this case me helping) friends that wanted to get the frame for all chars on all maps,
you know some chars might just not be your thing, you still want the frame, so a skip that saves you abit to get there is a welcome thing

mind you i wont shed a single tear should those skips be fixed, but i also wont act like i never used them

lol again?

Also you can easily cheese FoW just wanted to mention that again…

I QP’d into a group that was doing this to get the 100 clears. They just rushed forward ignoring mobs and finished, very quick games, you can farm maps in less than 5 mins. Not my cup of tea. When I get 100 clears on all characters, it will be because I earned it.

this annoyed me so much that i simply stopped playing the map at all
i know bit stupid but i saw no reason to actually get the frame anymore

Wait, what? You can cheat to get the FoW frame? No wonder I see so many noobs with it. Had a guy the other day dieing to normal hordes on Legend with that frame. This makes a lot more sense now…

same exact reaction i had myself when a friend told me

So much for that frame meaning something.

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