Skippergate is Back - New and Improved

Most of the report got

But you could search for Skippergate on a certain video hosting site if you are curious.

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Violation of Fatshark law:
Skipping grind - CAPITAL OFFENCE


how do u find out about this stuff? dont tell me u actually waste time trying to find this stuff e_e? cuz nobodoy does that … right? right???

I got this one from somebody else.
What’s wrong with YouTube links today why isn’t it a player?

Interesting. Can make it out with 1 tome 1 grim for sure.
If a bot gets the second grim will it teleport to you I wonder?

This is a bug report not an exploit guide

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Well it’s them that wanted:

Steps to Reproduce:

So it’s both

This is the shortest skip on any map yet to my knowledge and you can get 2 Grims and 1 Tome out of it.

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I’m not saying it can’t be exploited but whether you can extend the abuse via bots is irellevant to the glitch itself. Finding out if it’s possible could only be to abuse the exploit further

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Meanwhile at Fatshark HQ:


Not bad :thinking:

so your telling me, this is not how your supposed to finsh skittergate :confused: mmh
the more you know

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Seems it isn’t pc only.

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