2 Gamebreaking Bugs to farm Lootboxes + 1 Bug unfixed

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Were Empire in Flames and War Camp skips fixed tho? Doubt so

I don’t know. I think so?

I just know this skip. After hearing skittergate can be skipped i looked it up but nothing i have seen worked. Except this skip i found myself. So maybe they fixed others but this one still works. So i report it.

You probably shouldn’t be posting these on the public forum. They have rules against talking about cheats, glitches and exploits. Especially showing how to do them.

I just want to report these bugs, where do i post them in this case when not on the fatshark forum?
Why is there a “Bug” topic if i am not allowed to talk about bugs?
And why is there a template to help writing things down saying things like: “Steps to reproduce”, when i am not allowed to write about the “Steps to reproduce”?
And how could i miss these rules?

It’s in their community guidelines.

Do Not Post About Cheats, Exploits, Trainers

It is expected and will be enforced that users do not discuss/post about cheats, exploits or methods of bypassing Anti-Cheat systems. Exploits can be raised to our support team over on fatsharkgames.com/support.

The bug section is more for, “hey, here’s my console log. I joined a game and got teleported into the ground.”

Ok, but this is not an answer on his questions.

Hmm… ok so… do i delete this post?
I could write this in the support portal but i don’t even know how to delete this here?
Nothing was mentioned in the last post i made about the Bardin glitch…

Click the 3 little dot button below your post. Then you’ll see a garbage can symbol. Click that. It will take 24 hours to be deleted but you can revert it at any time. The admin can always restore it as well if they are OK with it.

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ok thx. :slight_smile:

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IIIIIIIIIIII dont have the permission to delete my post. :open_mouth:

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Lol, you’ve probably not been upgraded yet. This forum has tiers which grant you more powers the more you’re active. I’ll just tag it and let the admins figure it out. They’ll be back in the office in a few hours.

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