Disable skittergate on quickplay

Topic says it all, the level is bugged to hell and is pretty much unplayable in it’s current state. People looses their talents, bosses bugs all the time. Atleast do us a favour and remove the level from quickplay until it’s fixed.


I agree, every time I queue into it everyone just leaves.

I’ve done it several times with quickplay and never had an issue. Not saying there isn’t an issue, I’ve just never seen one other than everyone suiciding at the start to avoid playing Skittergate. :octopus:

There are bugs on that map? Think I played 7 - 10 times on that map total. The boss is a b-ch up until you learn to deal with him, but that’s it.

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It’s probably the buggiest single mission I’ve ever seen in a released game.

  • Host loses all of their talents upon entering Skittergate
  • Bosses can freeze/disappear, halting progress
  • Skittergate can instakill and/or blackscreen some players
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I just tired it two times in a row with iron breaker and lost all my passives, my stamina increase, even my orange amulet that gives when i heal someone i get 35 percent missing health back isnt working. Also glitched the grey seer behind the wood doors so that we couldnt kill him. Needs to be disabled for now!

i mean, the boss bugging out and doing nothing isn’t exactly going to be bad for your loot grinding. the losing stats things hurt but with the last boss having a 50% chance of just standing there spazzing out and letting you kill him it’s pretty winnable even so. unless he bugs out in other ways i haven’t seen yet

Except for when they become unkillable, as mentioned above:

Ah, the glowing caves. Centuries from now, they will become a popular tourist hotspot.

I remember first time against the Gatekeeper. He would just bend back and spaz out, then move a little and do it again. Never transformed.
I’m honestly a bit wary of putting the toughest bossfight in the game behind the longest mission in the game, but that is assuming you even make it that far. Still, of the two times I’ve played it so far, only one was bugged. I never was the host, though.

More over, the only map where I got 4 bosses to defeat… 2 fix + 2 random

Untill bugs got nerfed - yes sure. But many ppl just hate maps with bosses and i understand. I skip this map on legend and even sometimes on chamt to.
Fatshark simply need to add an extra reward for every boss lvl. Like guarantee loot dice after defeating the boss.