Whats the fuss about Skittergate?

just wondering. I’ve only attempted it once on vet with randoms and it was everyone elses 1st or 2nd time also on that map and we blasted through it. the end boss only took like 45 seconds max. as far as i know, there were no bugs. granted we didn’t have any grims and only one tome (since we didn’t know where they were). the below image is the stats from that run. what we did as a strat for the end boss was just hide behind the first two corner pillars. sienna’s pyro and kerillians waystalker ult’s were targeted on the mobs and ironbreaker/other dude focused on boss. we killed the rat ogre/stromfiend almost immediately and after that we all targeted the boss. killed him when he started to do the thing where he teleports around. maybe we got lucky, but a 1 minute boss fight where hardly anyone took damage during the fight makes it seem like a very easy fight compared to the life leach boss

Apparently (i’ve not experienced it) passing through the skittergate can sometimes disable passives. People blow this way out of proportion as a “game breaking” bug, despite happily playing VT1 without any passives at all.

The other, more serious issue, is the final boss fight, which can lock up in a number of ways that either stop you from beating the level, or completely trivialize the fight.

sounds like fun.

The final boss can drop down into a spot where he is unkillable and then you just wasted all your time. The skittergate itself bugs out all of the hosts abilities and talents, and even weapon traits according to some people. Also its long and its much harder on the higher difficulties.

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Yes, the Skittergate has many issues at the moment, graphical and gameplay affecting bugs also, which are being worked on and will be fixed in the upcoming patch(if not all, then at least the annoying ones). You could be lucky, that you met nearly none of them, also the difficulty is much harder after vet, more damage, which can be frustrating with the ratling ogre, and tons of specs spawning all around you(granted the boss doesnt bug out). Also it happened 2 days ago with me, that i hosted a Skittergate match, and upon passing the gate, I lost all my passives, and even some hero power,(which is crippleing for a Handmaiden especially) since i noticed that i cleave less enemies, and my charged attack headshots are not killing basic mobs.
Also this match usually have much more bosses than any other, for no additional reward than a map with 1 or no boss, that why also people tend to skip it.

I often do 6k+ in a champion mission. In skittergate I do 10k+. Much, much longer

Not just the glitches, I also dislike the boss fight because of those stormvermin that just swarm it.
The boss itself isn’t difficult.

first time through it was pretty fun for me to , now after dozens of runs its the norsca side really for me a huge long tedious boring to play boring to look at white featureless trek through barely more than a tunnel to eventually come to a boss fight that on champ plus feels far too random . its fair testament to how good so many of the other maps are that this friday afternoon special stands out so badly.

uh, it’s a big problem when i go in on any of my characters and my Natural Bond trinket / elf regen totally breaks. i can’t heal the damage from small bites of my hp pool, and eventually will die due to attrition on final boss because i can’t even use healing supplies. if this game were vt1, sure. but it isn’t.

Technically all traits break, so you can use potions again.

nope. tested this and does not work. you don’t regen but you can’t down healing supplies still.

to fix it, you need to die, respawn and get rescued by your fellows.

Then my results not the same as yours. Last time I played skittergate I could drink potions while in Norsca

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i meant with the natural bond necklace. i use this on all my characters so i’m very sensitive about what healing i can get. i was complaining to the party that my regen wasn’t working and they were asking me to try out healing supplies, i tried a health pot and bandages, both didn’t work. other people could of course bandange me though.

it is a bug anyway, just hope they fix it up soon

my way of getting around the specials is using the beam staff sniper attack on the stormvermin. normally one shots them with headshots. if i notice a lot of basic mobs filling up, i use my ult falming skull to clear out some of them. if that doesnt do the trick, ijust shoot the mobs and stun them long enough for the melee characters to come in and kill.

if i get another skittergate game, i’ll record it, upload it and then post it in here just to show my playstyle in it. but who knows when that’ll be as i just solo queue with quick play. since no one knows how to respond in any LFG channels/threads