Just another post about skittergate

So skittergate is a very long map with guaranteed 2 bosses which is the gatekeeper and raskitt
basically a run can get up to 4 bosses which is very frustrating to fight and risk of getting wiped
Can you please remove the possible big event after the gatekeeper boss fight?(pat/mini bosses)
Or at least let the gate cant be opened+specials cant spawn until the gatekeeper/chaos spawn die
many times I get wiped at that part because of a sneaky blightstormer cast from nowhere and zoned us out with a rampaging chaos spawn

And fix the insane spawnrate of specials in the camp after the blessed gatekeeper fight. Every time we are literally bombarded with specials after specials in that zone.

How about viewing this game differently and keep some challenge in it. It’s the final mission for a reason.
Despite popular belief, this is not a loot grinder.


No. Its an RNG grinder. Throwing yourself into the same mission over and over again until the AI director decides to let you win is no challenge.
The game varies between very enjoyable runs with skin of your teeth moments to boring eventless rushs to absolute RNG bullsh*t that you cant possibly overcome. On the same mission. And Skippergate has alot more of the last category than anything else.

Except, you can overcome near impossible rng bs, making it all the more satisfying.


Exactly! Please don’t nerf skittergate. It’s freaking SKITTERGATE, these are the freaking END TIMES, forget about grinding and get out there and stab some freaking rats!

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