Skittergate is coming up too frequently

Todays matches.

Skittergate (suicide jumped)
Skittergate (suicide jumped)
Skittergate (suicide jumped)
Fort Bracksenbruche
Convocation of Decay
Skittergate (suicide jumped)

Seriously… tone down the skittergate already

It triggers WAY to much.

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Skittergate isnt hard to do anymore, so I don’t know why people jump off the cliff. Is it because it’s longer, or people still think/don’t know that it’s been nerfed hard?


I don’t mind doing Skittergate every now and again… say… about 1 in 13 times to be precise.

But when Skittercrapgate keeps coming up over and over and sometimes even consecutively then they need to fix the RNG.

Reason people jump isn’t because it’s too hard, or too long, it’s because a) people dislike doing the same map too many times in a day, and b) the 3 loot dice reward means nothing since you get screwed by Ranald RNG anyways.

if somone on ur team dont have maps in legend completed. the RNG QP will favorite that map.

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This map is, far and away, the worst map, and generally detestable in comparison to any of the other maps. (I’m not bagging on the design… the map is quite pretty… but just the length and difficulty/incentive are not fun, and compared to the other maps it is terrible.)

It is the finale map… ergo, it is SUPER long, and with little extra reward (capped at an emperor’s chest… no matter how many dice you collect off boss or otherwise), and has 3 lord/champion fights (including Rasknitt’s mount), with the addition of as many mini-bosses/patrols in the map as the director will RNG (which is at least one).

In legendary, during the Norsca battle, you can now expect either an unseen gas rat or a blightstormer hiding behind the door and free casting at you (which for some reason they can see through but you cannot). If a blightstormer spawns (which is extremely common if not hardcoded now), expect at least 1 or 2 heroes to get swept up and/or die because of the expanded storm circle, which takes of 3/4 of the battle arena (if not an outright wipe). The blightstormers are also extremely difficult to spot because of the 1 mile cast radius and coloration blend of the map.

After an hour or so of travel time to get there, the Rasknitt battle is (initially) relatively fun. However, with with the addition of Plague Rats and Shield Vermin in the 2nd stage of the Rasknitt battle, it becomes exceedingly difficult and generally results in a wipe if you let it go that far. (It is necessary to have a huntsman/shade to dps the adds/boss quickly during this stage to avoid a wipe, and if you don’t have either you will have a long, drawn out battle generally ending in a wipe for most pug groups.)

After investing an hour+ of time to get there, it results in an incredibly unfun map.

FS is well aware of the problem, but simply doesn’t have the manpower or incentive to do anything about it. They tried (unsuccessfully) to bolster demand for the map with extra loot dice… but it is ineffective because of the loot cap (an emperor’s chest is an emperor’s chest) and/or compared to the waste of time.

Almost no one that I have grouped with wants to play this map unless required to do so, which begs the question of why, now, FS places it in the QP queue (other than to force sacrifices and/or waste time)… let alone to set it at a higher priority under any circumstance.

Either fix the map to make it enjoyable, or remove the map from the rotation, imo. Otherwise, this map should only be selected via party choice or as part of the campaign.

Frankly, I’d rather they fix the bugs and simply take it out of rotation.

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There was that one person who’s test indicated athel was actually worse than skitter (completion time and failure rate).
I personally don’t mind it so much (really only 2 issues: Blightstormers in the camp and the ratling fire from boss being really stupid), on FK it’s actually kind of nice if you don’t have to carry a grim, charging bosses of cliffs. But i’m also not experiencing it anymore htan other maps.

Skitergate is not hard, its actualy much easier than some other map on legend

The greatest issue people do there is grabbing 2x grims, which is totaly unecessary, since dices from last boss compensate, 1x is enough, but no those guys must grab it then wipe on 99% of map, then hate map, hate brain instead :slight_smile:

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