Map blacklist maybe?

might be nice to be able to avoid a couple of maps like myself if i end up on skittergate or halescourge i just want out, we’ve got a long boring walk then roll the dice to see if Spawnlor god of rng spawns decided to bend us over or we win.

yeah i know quick play is wants to be kept wide so it can match fast but honestly im about at breaking point on these maps im just going to start leaving them soon.

but on the whole i have to say awesome work on these maps guys!

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I believe that instead of thinking about a map blacklisting, the devs should think about why those two specific maps want to be avoided…
Because the boss battles are unfun and Skittergate is broken AF, basically.
Fix the bosses and there will be no need of map blacklisting.

well yeah in this case that is true and they could use some tuning , but my main prob with skittergate is its a long tedious boring map , there are always going to be a few faves and few we individually don’t like even if they are balanced well .

I support this idea for future, we are definitely going to get :chart_with_upwards_trend: more maps over time, we already know that there will be dlc with new maps.
So it could be nice addition if you could “ban”:no_entry: one or two maps from your quickplay.

Some maps dont fit your playstyle, some maps might lag for you and some might be simply too hard.

I think the point of Quick Play is precisely “Risk play a random map for a bonus”. Lowering the risk would make the bonus pointless.
@Padds what about making boss fights independent levels?

well yeah i acknowledge the point of quickplay , though i suspect its any map for matching speed and the bonus is there to get people using it not as compensation for “risk” because after all the maps are meant to be balanced.

not sure exactly what you mean , do you mean seperate levels outside of quick play or make maps that just have bosses on them?
i quite like the idea of the boss maps they offer a different crescendo , i just dont think im ever going to want to play skittergate even if its perfectly balanced i just find the map long boring to play and dull to look at. i don’t like against the grain much either and i know that’s a really popular one, its just personal preference really.

I meant levels dedicated only to boss fights, to avoid the “I like the level but hate the boss” thing.
I actually enjoy Skittergate. I love the gate itself and I think the mid boss needs a buff. The thing is that after that mid boss it gets boring. And the final boss is a PitA.

Something similar has been mentioned before. But to add: I think the point of the quickplay bonus is also to avoid people playing the same map(s) over and over again because they are doing the farming game in their loot obsession. While FatShark can’t force the “Play the game because its fun” mentality down their throat they tried to give a motivation for regularly seeing all the maps.

In this reasoning I don’t see much space for a map blacklist. At least not an unlimited. But I think if they limit it to 1 or maybe 2 maps in total it is something which could come down the line. But such mechanics are bound to be abused. Some “smartheads” would just blacklist every map beside 1 and “Quickplay” it to increase farming efficiency. Technically, people can always just pick maps by hand in the lobby browser. They just have to trade in the bonus.

Hi, me again. I came here with more stuff to bore you to death :stuck_out_tongue:.

Problem would be the number of ban “tickets” you give to players.
Too many and people will ban most of the maps and just leave the rest until they get the one they want. Too small number and you wont change anything.
I think 2 would be great, maybe give 1-2 more once we get more maps.

Recently we got the DoW3 RTS where you could ban maps, I think there was around 5 maps and you can ban 2 you didnt want to play through quickmatch. But there was no bonus for play quickmatch.

Yet another idea. Maybe 2 quickplay ques? Something like Regular missions and Boss missions? Different rewards for each. That could help people avoiding “harder” maps.

I know, I know Ill let myself out. :cry:

I still think that fixing the couple of maps people are avoiding is easier than implementing an entire new system and then balance it.
Just fix the goddamn bosses, Fatshark…

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