Players are hating maps - Qiuck wipes on quick play

Players are rejecting to play on specific maps, especially on champion or up. Includes Skittergate, Halescourge, Into the nest. They are going to kill themselves asap to start a new quick play to get a better map.
You have to think about that.


Boss maps just need special reward on it, maybe loot dice after defeating the boss? And skittergate simply have to much bugs right now.


Maybe. Or maybe not 2 fix + 2 random boss on Skittergate. For the same reward when there is absolutely no boss. lmao.

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Aside from the lack of extra incentive to go through boss maps there is also the fact that various bosses just aren’t that fun to fight against.

The Halescourge boss for example feels pretty damn terrible to fight with his teleportation and bile ghosts that have very generous (for him) hitboxes that he spews out constantly and there is little way to avoid them.

The Spinemangler also has issues where the boss itself is just tedious, he’ll chase someone around for a bit then goes into a corner to summon special units along with minor Skaven leaving him absolutely free to any sort of ranged damage (against something like Sienna that basically equals free constant crit headshots).

Yeah. This is especially true for Halescourge/Skittergate. Halescourge’s boss doesn’t seem to have any known counter-play other than “nuking ASAP”. Skittergate is basically a guaranteed 5 bosses per run. The chaos boss turning into a chaos spawn, at least 1 random boss, then the last 2 bosses. I guess if you wanted to be technical, it’s 4 bosses like that. Why play a map for loot where you know you have to do that for no higher reward? Particularly when you’ll probably wipe to the bosses at some point.


I’d say that Halescourge just needs to be adjusted for better counterplay. Not necessarily heavily nerfed, but right now the counterplay against him just does not feel satisfying. For every other boss I’d say dropping a couple loot die guaranteed would be a nice incentive for the extra challenge.


My problem with “Into the nest” is that there’s no guaranteed supplies right before the boss. You get that for EVERY boss on every other map except this one.

Yeah,he’s fairly easy,but on champion+ you can get pretty banged up on the way,especially if you had a miniboss spawn or two.

I won’t ask for easy mode healing supplies,but an ammo crate would be most welcome.


The way to incentivise boss maps shouldn’t be to give a slightly higher reward, it’s to make them shorter. I feel Fatshark made a bit of a mistake making the boss maps so long. Boss maps are pretty much always going to be harder/riskier, so if the lead up to the boss is only 10m you won’t feel like you are wasting a heap of time if you wipe during the boss fight. This would really help to learn the boss as well, not knowing the attack patterns etc is half the reason boss fights are so risky.

I do hope that Fatshark are keeping a tally of which maps people attempt and win/lose stats. This would help them balance the maps players struggle on, and the ones players spam for loot.

Halescourge isn’t that bad himself, the difficulty in that boss fight is the constant stream of enemies. If the additional enemies only came in waves the bossfight would be perfectly doable, and the map would get played a lot more.

Into the Nest is the best example of a map just being too long. The pacing is pretty much perfect for a boss map until you collect the final tome. Problem is that seems to only be half way through the map, if you were to just cut out the Rat Ogre Pens/Black Fur Bridge it would be great. The Cheiftan is actually one of the easier fights in the game (ammo before the boss is still needed).

Skittergate should probably just not be in the Quick Play pool. It should be a much harder map, making 100% completion something that you don’t just stumble upon grinding for loot.

TLDR- At this stage making maps shorter isn’t really an option, but tuning their difficulty is pretty much required (and a much preferred solution to tuning their rewards).


Boss maps should give 2 chests…I know this is a bit lazy…I just don’t expect them to do something more interesting any time soon

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Or, Bosses should become a Chest upgrade thingy. At the loot screen, you got for example half bar for each boss.

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The game is not only about loot. It is also about challenging yourself and i don’t see a problem with most maps. War Camp for example is a great map and i have never seen people trying to avoid it. Skittergate is really pushing it to the limit, though. The mission is long, full of bosses and some parts are super bright and really not easy to look at.
Fat Wizard also needs some changes to his spells’ hitboxes and the spawnrate of sneaky single slaverats could get reduced a bit. More Specials or Elites would be mroe interesting and less frustrating as long as it’s not too much (hard cc).

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The game is not only about loot. It is also about challenging yourself

Tell that to yoruself while ill go loot corpses.


Not only, but mainly. You get stronger with loot, so that’s a linear thing until you max out. War camp is fine, mainly Nest,Skitteragte and Fatboss have problems, and just as we said, bosses does not give you anything, so not worth it.

Do whatever you like, but i can have fun after reaching 600 heropower and having nearly perfect rolls on my orange items, while you ask for new loot after farming Champion for a while, without touching Legend or deeds. In case nobody noticed: You get nothing for playing Legend, either. It is the nature of games like this. The more games rely on heavy progression systems, the less skillbased the gameplay becomes. Just look at a lot of action rpgs, where builds often do the whole work for the person that created them. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but this is simply another type of game.


Exactly what i was saying eariler. The bosses should be nerfed to match the difficulty of other levels. For example they could make burblespue have less health and damage and they should make his projectiles actually dodgable or avoidable behind the pillars. With skarrik they could just reduce his hp and range of his sweep attack + also make it so your dead mates respawn in the arena after some time. Rasknitt could be nerfed in a similiar manner to burble (reduce hp, since he is just a rat, less rats spawn etc.). And Bodvarr is… imo ok as he is now, they could maybe buff him just a tiny bit, like make the staggers on him less OP, or put a few more enemies into the arena (like 2 chaos warriors or whatever).

Boss maps are poorly designed, save for War Camp where you arent overflowed with ads as there are 3-5 norsmen to deal, with Halescurge/Skitergate you are swamped with ads and ranged boss.
In to the Nest would be great with little tuning.

I avoid(refuse to play) Hale/Skiter. Its waste of a time since above recruit my rate of succes drop to maybe 1 in 6/8 runs. Not worth my time. Not fun.

The maps are a concern but another concern is getting quickplayed into someone’s keep where people aren’t even ready to play. It’s beyond frustrating after a hard day to get home and try to play the game and people are on a spirit journey in the crafting and I keep getting matched into games that haven’t even started. Incentivising quickplay is wrong, and so is this behavior.

If the portal is open, then all menus should be locked at least. Changing heroes & careers is already locked.

Not a bad idea. But instead of just 2 chests. 1 chest should be unique for only boss maps, which only contains 1 item.



Yesteday I done champion skitergate deed… reward of deed was 2 emperor chest, we managed to get solider chest as regular.

Skitergate is really not that hard…

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