People committing sudoku on Skittergate?!

I’ve had two games now where my entire quickplay team saw that we got Skittergate, immediately said “f***this map”, and jumped off the edge to die because “it’s a pain in the ass”.

Anyone else ran into this? What is wrong with these people? Skittergate is a beautiful, challenging, amazing map.


I have to agree that when you just want to do quickplay is not the best map, it’s long and difficult for someone who just want to play a match.
Anyway yeah, it’s not good when people quit because of the map…

whenever i see people doing that

i type ‘stay in veteran’ or ‘git gud’

and then i leave because they’re all hanging off the cliff wall.


This is a common occurrence on boss maps. They are generally harder than the other maps, yet yield the same rewards. It’s simply not worth running them in terms of drops/time unit.

Which is fine. It’s good feedback to FS that they need to do something about these maps. Maybe keep them as challenging, but add additional rewards?

This was also a common occurrence in V1. As I recall people ran nothing but Horn of Magnus over and over again. I’m sure this changed later on, but that was the case :wink:


I’m totally using this from now on.

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I’ve just never played to farm / grind for stuff, I guess that is why it seems so weird to me. Makes sense though.

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Simple time / loot decision. Boss maps are not worth it. Add a modifier for boss maps that give you an extra roll for loot.


this would actually make clearing boss maps the priority for loot farmers

not sure if this is the intention of quickplay but our current setup is also not optimal

It’s also a buggy mess. There are a few places where you can get stuck and the cave section puts some people’s games into an eye-bleeding maximum bloom.

Also the bosses couldn’t be killed sometimes when their transitions bugged up. AFAIK this is still the case.

I have to admit, im usualy happy if everyone in my group agrees to skipping the Skittergate-Map. But if someone wants to Play it, i stay of Course.

Like People wrote here before, the map is just so much longer and harder than the most other maps, and the chances to fail at the endoss are very high. Yes, it is a great map, beautiful and great designed. But if you played through it a few times, than there is no reason to go through skittergate instead of playing a other quicker and easier map. After all, the most of us Play for loot and xp.

So, i think Fatshark should give an additionell reward for skittergate. Something that is more reasonable for the time the map takes and the risk you go in with it. I think one chest even if you fail at the endboss and another if you defeat him would be a good way.

There is so much light option I try to fix for my game to be pretty everywhere I’m struggling so hard xD
Righteous Stand -> If a light option is too high, you can’t see the Sigmar Hammer light on and burn the heretics, plus some grey metal part goes black
Into the Nest -> Kruber Armor glow in an amazing white at the start and end of the map if a light option (reflection I think) is too high.
Hunger in the Dark -> If a light option is too low, trolls just get down on their knees and you see no explosion at all (this explosion looks great, so it’s sad af)
Skittergate -> I couldn’t test it all but whatever option I’m tweaking, I’m still a blind man going to heaven on the ice cave

But yeah Skittergate is fun and challenging, but bosses map definitively need some rewards tweaking. Like a small XP bonus, cause any chest bonus would make them priority to farmers. I trust in FS tho, back in VT1, everyone was just playing Black Powder to farm, then they changed stuff and it became a normal map again.

It depends what you’re objectives are for that day/evening.
If you just want to play, it’s fine. But if you’re specifically looking to get gear or xp it’s not worth it, especially with a random group.
It’s a long map with mini 2 bosses. Time vs reward it’s not worth it. And the number of people I’ve seen wipe to that last boss is ridiculous.
So not only are you using up more time for a same reward, but run a high risk of not getting anything due to pugs wiping at the end.

I consistently clear it on Champion and the bugs seem to have been fixed as far as I know. But the number of times I’ve had to 2 man it with my buddy as the pugs were tunelling the boss and got killed by two clanrats is ridiculous.

If you’re looking for loot or xp, skip it. If not, play it.

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Whiny post incoming.

This (unfortunately common) phenomenon is a good indicator of why I generally dislike quick play, and wish I could disable it from my lobbies. I like to play the game for fun, I don’t care about loot or xp as much. Quickplay encourages the opposite, playing for getting loot. That’s entirely fine, there’s literally nothing wrong with that. But an overwhelming majority of players/lobbies are doing exclusively quick play, and often doing things like suiciding on Skittergate, and doing things like rushing through the level as quick as they can. I don’t personally enjoy the player dynamic of the game right now. But I’m not good enough to play Champion+ with bots so I just suck it up and play with people regardless.

The first game was never like that, at least on cataclysm, possibly because the lack of quickplay. Quickplay inherently encourages that sort of behavior. I’m hoping that the player dynamic will be more fluid and flexible on legend.

Quickplay -> higher chance for emperor, its not a great system but FS wants it like that. (***** ranald)

Skittergate and a lot of other bossmaps have of course a higher count of bosses, have a few difficulty spikes with patrols, hordes bugging in front of the gate, specials clipping etc.

  • they are a bit more difficult simply by the lenght of the map.

If i play legend with a tryhard team with good comp, i would always play sh*ttergate.
Reality is, in quickplay you often have “bad”, not meta compositions, and as sorry as i am, the winrate of skittergate is lower than other maps, for me at least in 300h.
The map is so damn long, with an endevent more risky than other maps, i will rather happily jump down the abyss to skip it, than getting annoyed by someone pulling the patrol on the first spawn location because they dont know the map and its spawns yet.

People decided to skip it because they had bad experiences. Blame quickplay, not the people that want a less tense legend run.
Same thing was with white rat in V1, will be better once the average player is more used to the maps.

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Of course they do. Its a difficult and extremely long map that offers no additional reward or experience over any other map. Why, then, would you ever bother doing it more than 2 or 3 times?

The fact you have to get both grimoires in the first 2 minutes of the game, and then carry them for the other 30 is just icing on the cake. And thats assuming the boss doesn’t wipe you at the end.

For people who play for loot / experience (IE, almost everyone), its not a good map.

If you wanna play skittergate you must host. The map is nice but it’s too long and too difficult if you just want to run a few. Can’t blame people for not feeling like doing it every time it pops up.


Unfortunately we live in a world where the millennials are coming up in large numbers. Its all about getting that loot fix for them lol. It seems that a lot of people don’t just play games to enjoy them or challenge anymore… very sad really


Everyone else in the thread has already provided far more detailed and nuanced explanations than “damn millennials.”


Hes mainly here to troll and throw in stuff^^ His last topic was that the game is too easy and hes a god in this game and it had to be closed by a mod. Now this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While admittedly its more challenging… the real problem is, its longer on top of that.

If there was a bonus reward for running this map… kinda like the Quickplay Bonus is, so you’d get double Quickplay bonus for it, I’m sure this would stop happening.

Also… I think the OP meant to say Seppuku not Sudoku