Why is Skittergate - Skippergate

Beacuse it’s too long. Double guaranteed boss. It’s a perfect pvp map.
Fatshark pls make Skittergate great again.

Reward an extra chest for that map, or boost up the ranald’s luck by 25-50% just on that map.


I’ll be me again and say add some raw supplies to boss maps as spoils of war >_>


I’ve gotten 4 bosses before on Skittergate, one during the steps down to the initial skittergate. The Gatekeeper, the boss that spawns in the camp behind the gatekeeper, and then the final boss.

Totals were over 1000 rats slain, over 7500 damage dealt. That was just on Veteran, I can only imagine how many dudes there are on higher difficulties.

i’m not really sure the gatekeeper counts. him and ribspreader are both very easy to stunlock, but the gatekeeper especially since he’ll try to do that 5 second transformation animation every time you knock him down.

I don’t think it’s long at all compared to some other missions and I like boss fights. So it’s actually a go-to mission for someone like me. :laughing:

All boss maps need extra incentive at the end for people to actually play them. All of them are too long and too much risk of losing everything at the end. Add a guaranteed emperor chest or materials, and more people will play them.

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(it’s because people aren’t confident about their skill or distrust other people and refuse to figure out the tricks that make the bossfights easy)

oops was i thinking out loud? the politically correct answer is that people feel it’s a long map with ‘hard’ bosses that has a higher possibility of wiping with no additional reward, and would rather farm the easier maps for a better chance at the emperor vault box.


Well the distrust comes from previous experience. More often than not on this map, randoms are either under-powered, missing armor-piercing weapons or just don’t understand that you can’t ignore reinforcements in the boss fight. So they either don’t deal enough damage or they are being back-humped by stormvermins while they chase the boss around the arena.

Does anyone else just find it kind of fun to run down and jump off into the pit with your team everytime the map pops up? With my group its like a little party everytime.


This map is suppose to very hard, a climactic end and ultimate test to your abilities. And boses overall require decent compositions with tools to kill them.
That’s why I think boss levels, should not be included in quick play. There should be another incentive to play those levels.

Well they can’t really do that… mostly because… just like in V1… the Idea is to help newbies clear the game. So they go select the map, then quick play joins them to give them a team to play with.

Problem: (ie what’s jamming up the works)… Its called Skippergate for a reason. Other players who have already done it before have no intention of doing a long map with higher challenge for no reason. In V1 They had the quest system which earned you coins for possible Red Weapons. So some quests required that level to be completed in some way… so you did get bonus rewards… Not so in V2…

So… Skittergate and the other Boss Maps are now… Skippergate or Suicidegate… nothing will change until the rewards are commensurate with the challenge.

Ie… defeating the entire purpose of having it IN quickplay.

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Well they did it today:

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I love you FatShark! :heart:


Awesome, that’s a free Emperor’s with full books.

yes, awesome change to the boss maps. there you go!

good on ya fatshark.

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