Quickplay should preferentially place you in maps you haven't played recently

Myself and many others have experienced some very poor distributions of map rotation during quickplay, often getting the same couple of maps endlessly during a gaming session. This is boring and bad for a variety of reasons.

It would be really lovely if we could get a better ‘rotation’ during quickplay, even if that makes the matchmaking take longer or be a little less ‘even’.


I agree, the worst thing that happens is when you finish/fail a map and you get put in the same map after that again. I think this should definitely be disabled.

Agreed. It´s not fun do get the same map twice in a row. We´ve also had sessions where we just cycle between two maps over and over (all have all maps unlocked).

Easy solution is don´t do Quick Play but you know, the bonus :wink:

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Some evidence from reddit:

Is quickplay actually truly random?

Anecdotal Evidence:
2 days ago, I played with my usual party member. Maps were Into the Nest, Warcamp, Halescourge.
Jokingly said that the next would have been Skittergate.
Next Day, next Session, we get Skittergate. Alright then, called it.
Well, over the next, I believe it was 12 maps, we got two times the hospice, once Into the Dark, and 9x the aforementioned maps, at least 4x Halescourge.
We’ve come to the point were we might just drop from Halescourge because it’s seemingly every 3rd game and we just don’t want to see it anymore.
Even though we generally play Boss maps (not having a problem with them, though I do dislike Hale), we’d like some diversity.
It’s all good, though, since yesterday evening I get Fort Brachsenbrücke every 3rd match.
/end Anecdotal Evidence.
Not sure we’re actually unlucky or there is some weighting, and it’s just questionable.
And what do you mean in this context with ‘evidence’?

It probably isn’t random, but what exactly is happening, I cannot speculate upon. It seems pretty skewed though.

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