Quick Play only gives Boss maps?

Played 8 matches of Quick Play today and only got Boss maps. It doesn’t really feel random either. Sometimes it’s as if the Boss maps all get queued up. Even if you skip one you get put into a different one.

Would be nice to have a way of not queueing them at all. They’re great if you’re in a premade or have geared/built for them, but when it’s just 4 random players, it can be frustrating. Or just make it so you can’t do one Boss map after another.

Probably just randomness, i often have nights where some maps appear a lot more than others (just recently had one with 4/5 maps being convocation…)

It’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t feel random for me though. Even on TS me and my friends call another Boss map if we’ve just had one. It’s become a meme. :tired_face:

Also if it’s the same randomness of the roll system too, I get the same or similar rolls pretty regularly. I was rolling Grudgerakers today and got the exact same roll on two seperate shotguns, one after another.