Please allow us to disable one or two maps in QP search

I get Skittergate about half the time I search in Quickplay. This has to stop! The map is terrible, takes about twice as long as others, and is not even remotely close to being worth the time.

I’m sure others feel the same way about certain other maps.



Playing a bit almost everyday for months.
Built an odd feeling.

1st map : Halescourge/skittergate
2nd map : add War Camp
3rd map : add Hunger in the dark

1 out of 10 maps : Athen Yenlui
1 out of 20 maps : Righteous stand


This is true… I got skittergate 4 times in a row the other night. On the 3rd quick play into SG, we all jumped off the side at the start to end the game. Got back to the keep and quick played in again, what did we get, SG again… I just turned off the game and took a break.

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That’s not real a quickplay Problem, it’s because a lot of ppl still need skittergate for challenges or the steam achievement.
Try to join other maps via lobby browser or give a jdvjsjdh about the quickplay - bonus and host your own one.
It would be better if you cant get the last 1 or 2 maps instant again, than the Option to disable some.

I mean… if SG isnt worth the time, because of some loot, the whole game isnt.
Athel Yenlui is harder with randoms, Into the Nest is longer… and the game is about fun at all since there is no real loot or ranking.

Seem to be getting boss maps an awful lot now.

It’s not about Achievements.
I have them all already since long time.

It’s about pure quickplay diversity.

I want to relieve myself and let RNG decide what map I’ll go trought, easy and fast.
Plus, it feel detrimental to loose Quickplay reward bonus that way.

If I can find time to play 2-3 runs in my free time, I feel frustrated to only see some cool maps once in a while, or being forced to reload and sometimes have the same map over again.

I would not be far from truth if I state that I complete Skittegate/Halescourge at least once every day I play, out of 3 runs a day. And it’s getting really boring.

I love Righteous stand because it reminds me good memories, as it’s the first map my teamate and I finished in legend. But most of the time, we end up to stop quickplay to play on it, because RNG is very mean with it.

I have no clues if you experience the same. I do not record occurences either. But it really feel like it is just not just an impression (because I have stronger feelings about some maps compared to others) and can be explained by statistical dispersion.

Edit :
As an extend, I arrived to a point I consider a rather funny conspiracy theory.

Back in the days, Skittergat/Halescourge were quite the hardest maps and many people skipped it.
As a result, the engine put those maps in high chance to be selected, in order to rise up the numbers of completion and catch those of other maps.

YOU got this achievement ,but not everyone. If you use QP youll jump into a Game, you already could find in the Lobby browser.
If you join through it, youll mostly get the QP bonus too.

To me it’s more like “today = into the nest + hunger in the Dark / tomorrow SG +HS / etc.”

Due to the challenges a lot of ppl rush the same map over and over again. I started to get the boss maps with every career too, since i can easier solo the rest with bots or speedruns.
Burblespue and rasknitt are just pain with bots.

Maybe your theory is correct , maybe not… nur i personally dont care about exploituser/skipper which cant handle those maps. Maybe it’s even based on those players:

I played every map 10 times.
You played every map 10 times too, but SG only 8 times.
We’re in the same lobby and the RNG decides… " hey 1 guy needs that map 2 more times."

Use the lobby- Browser or just Host will help a lot. I do know you care about your QP bonus, but there is no real gap between General / emperor vault/chest/whatever.

Last Time i hosted Into the Nest…
Then QP ItN, QP AY, QP ItN, QP ItN etc.

I really think it’s day/timebased RNG.

I believe the achievement thingy is irrelevant here.

When I was reffering to QuickPlay, I should have mentionned that I do host game with QuickPlay 99% of the time.

My theory is surely wrong. Time based RNG is much more likely, as you said.
But it’s detrimental for my beloved conspiracy thingy.

“If it’s all RNG, there would be no one to blame, sadly” :smiley:

Hey at least you get an extra dice or two now :laughing:

Honestly I fell this is pure RNG. Some days I get Mosh Pit under a Hospital™ loads of times, some days I get rampage through a swamp™ more often and other days I get Dust up in a Church™ all the time.

I don’t think one is more favoured, I just think every now and then I just get an RNG fisting.

Disabling one or two would be kind of nice. I get sick of seeing Athel half the time in legend.

Where I am, at any moment there’s usually a few games available for a given character. The system could be weighted to favor maps that you haven’t played recently.

If I want to play a map I just custom game it and people usually join no problem.

Btw I love Skittergate. “Worth it” is a matter of enjoying the map, for me. Loot is a byproduct. Halescourge also has such awesome architecture and a great atmosphere. Two of my favs.

Keep in mind you’re at a mercy of the one’s who are hosting. If these maps are the maps that hosts are hosting and they’re the one’s with open spots, you’ll be sent to them. Disabling certain maps in QP could result in your waiting for double digit minutes or connecting to a host that’s a long distance away.

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