Blacklist maps in QP

Please consider adding an option to blacklist 1-3 maps in quickplay.

Edit: Changing my suggestion slightly, I’m looking for the host to be able to blacklist so that the playerbase isn’t split.

Edit: After debating I’m changing my suggestion to implement a voting system at the end of games in QP to allow for some player choice while retaining the randomness and fairness of QP.


I don’t think it’ll ever happen. QP gives you reward because you don’t know what you’re joining to do. If you pick 3 hardest maps and exclude them from QP rotation, you effectively making QP easier on average for yourself, so why do you think you should still get the reward?

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And there’s another matter. You’re splitting the playerbase as well by adding this option. Finding QP will be slower.


Changed my suggestion slightly to only allow hosts to blacklist, that should take care of the problem of playerbase splitting.

The reward system (in vermintide atleast) is subpar anyways. I’m playing cata twitch almost exclusively so I’m already screwed regarding rewards for my effort. Don’t see how blacklisting skittergate would mitigate the difficulty compared to playing QP legend.

I do however understand your point and in a new game with different reward system this might make it unfair to be able to blacklist.
My opinion on the matter is that the risk of having a slightly unbalanced reward system is far outweighed by the opportunity to skip maps you don’t like. I for one am really sick of getting skittergate and bögenhafen darkness map and would much more prefer some random dude getting a 5% higher winrate than me having to play those maps. Just my 2c!

Well there you have it - you personally may have valid reasons, but then again, why do you need to play QP at all?

QP is means to consolidate players into one big pool by rewarding their willingness to play whatever with whomever. It is not really useful to view the QP system under any other circumstances like pre-built teams or overskilled players who do not need any rewards at all.

Imagine every host in the QP pool blacklisting Skittergate, Blightreaper and Enchanter’s Lair - then people who actually want or need to play those maps would have to play them without the QP reward. And usually, those people are actually the ones who require all the rewards they can get in this freaking grindfest of a game.

Giving the players tools to skew odds is just that - skewing odds. The amount of OCD the devs have regarding their precious RNG makes me skeptical that this kind of a change is at all plausible.

You seem to touch on a different issue though - one which I was trying to voice since like 2018. Namely, give us means to vote skip maps, to vote for next action after a map is finished (like in VT1), don’t try to work the dice in order to shove those maps we complete less often in our faces. All those are completely valid concerns, but QP blacklisting is a bit of a heavy-handed solution for addressing them in my opinion.


It’s better, but it will mean that if you’re queuing for quick play, you have a chance to get the map if you’re not hosting (as hosting is not a decision without the right mod).

Great suggestion about vote, that would keep the randomness but allow some player choice. +1

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Fatshark had planned on allowing players to add/remove DLC maps from the QuickPlay pool for Vermintide 2 but for whatever reason it never happened.

It’s in the Back to Ubersriek patch notes.

I think it would be a good idea as I missed out on a lot of the QP bonuses when doing my Legend Helmgart challenges and was forced to do Custom Map selection because QP kept putting me in DLC maps.

I think it would be a helpful tool for new players needing that bonus but also to be able to select specific maps for specific challenges so they are not sacrificing loot for challenge completion.

The fact is that the QP selection tool that FS wanted was only supposed to affect DLC maps. A choice to either add or remove them so it wouldn’t be affecting the normal QP rotation for the Helmgart maps.

You know what else would help new players? Not having to grind your arse off and not actually needing any bonuses for any kind of progression. There are extremely successful examples of coop games without any of that crаp at all on the market. Everything else is band-aids and crutches propping up gameplay in one spot and ignoring the root cause of why it is maimed in the first place.


This is about QP selection pool for Darktide. What are you on about?

Yes, which we don’t really know anything about. And since DT forum is all about projecting VT experience and suggestions, feel free to read my posts as such.

Yes, I know that no one here knows anything about Darktide but this thread is a discussion on the suggestion to the QP selection pool.

But you need to stay on topic or make a new thread with a new suggestion to keep the forums tidy and not a jumbled mess where one topic turns into ten.

If you have a different suggestion then make a new thread.

A few items in the Forum Guidelines you may have missed:

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Thanks, mom. I’ll leave this thread alone so it can be closed in 7 days.

Chillax guys.

I wouldn’t mind an option to vote at the end of a run or wipe, such as repeat the same mission in the event of a wipe to save time going back to the keep or voting on the next map in queue.

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