Quick Play map algorithm is not fun

Speaking generally (because I don’t know the specifics of how things work), the QP algorithm seems like it prioritizes maps with lower community-wide success rates rather than your individual rates or being truly random.

Having a higher chance to get a couple maps over others gets old quick (without the odds changing).
I don’t like getting the same map multiples times in a row, and it’s always the same 4 maps being Skittergate, Blightreaper, Enchanter’s Lair & Convocation of Decay.

I used to like playing playing on these maps, but when I get them 3 or 4 times in a row it just hurts to play them.

There are multiple ways of addressing this, the easy answer being to avoid getting the same map twice within X amount of time or make QP truly random.


QP algorithm was changed in the Back to Ubersriek dlc to remove the win/loss weighting and to not repeat same maps over and over.

That was December 2018 though and have no idea if it was ever reverted back on purpose or by accident. Cuz, you know, sometimes things get reverted when devs use older patch to make dlc content.

Patch 1.4

I agree. QuickPlay seems to be back in the early 2018 days where you get the same map over and over.

I still get anxiety every time Skittergate pops up despite Skittergate not being nowhere near as awful as it was on launch.

8 out of 10 games was always Skittergate though. Remember?


Yeah, nothing like getting the same 4 maps in a row that you dont want to play. Suiciding because you dont want to play them just means you get them even more often. Honestly the dumbest system, all maps should be random.


*nudges in the direction of all the bugs that got reintroduced with engi patch*