QP rotation feels wrong

I might be wrong about this, but wasn’t there an update some time ago that changed how QP rotation worked? Less on which map was played the least by all players in the lobby and more on which maps were last played in general/the session?
Because getting the same map after you already played it is not very fun, and because a lot are failing at Convocation i get this map A LOT during QP, 2 times in a row and almost every day in QP.


Not sure if its exactly the same thing but i kinda feel like i am missing a couple of maps from my rotation, i almost never get Athel Yenlui or the Farms one.

I think i play 4 or 5 enchanters lairs&skittergates for every farm-

Haven’t gotten enchanter’s lair in any QP I’ve played since its launch. Outside of that I would say that my QP experience is pretty random. BTW I love the mixed reaction when CoD comes up half the players groan and the other half get excited. I’m a big fan so I don’t mind seeing it.


I don’t really notice huge skews in how rng throws maps at me, however I’ve had 3 instances of a map occuring in my own QP lobby twice in a row. Without disconnecting or anything like that. This should not be a thing, last played map should always be exempted from QP pool.


There was.

December 2018 Back to Ubersreik release

Patch 1.4

After you click on the first segment, it’s listed under QuickPlay. Have no idea if QP algorithm has ever been changed since or was accidentally reverted due to later patches.


I knew it! I wasn’t going back far enough through the updates, thanks for checking which one it was.

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No problem man! There’s a lot of patch notes to go through. I only remember that one because of how excited I was with the QP changes lol

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