Quickplay map chance

I believe that the system choosing QP map is broken. There are:

13 missions in Helmgart
3 missions in Drachenfels
2 missions in Bögenhafen
4 missions in Ubersreik
1 Dark Omens

Yet whenever I host a QP mission, the roulette random choice probability is:

80% Drachenfels
10% Bögenhafen
5% Helmgart
5% Ubersreik
0% Dark Omens

What is wrong with that? This is happening for months to me.

Dark Omens rolls as usual for me

dark omens roll is not really an issue since it is just 1 mission compared to others

I’m pretty sure there was a discussion here somewhere about how maps in QP are not actually chosen with equal chance. IIRC, those maps that have less completion rates are more prevalent in QP by design.

I remember something like this but I believe it was disproved. Imagine having hundereds of hours in Helmgart before first DLC came out. You could have completed each mission 1000x . With that logic you described it would mean that you would have to play 2000 games in the two Bögenhafen maps when it came out. And this would apply to everybody in the game. I dont remember that happening and I dont remember having this QP issue before.

I didn’t state any numbers, so those are your estimates. You might want to take a look at the materials presented in this thread (including code).

Theres no way it isnt bugged. I constantly get spammed with festering ground, omens, convo, blightreaper, lair and hunger in the dark.

If I understand correctly, you mean the part where it calculates everyone joining your lobby? That is invalid since I start my games alone with bots and people join after or dont join at all.

I meant the actual algorithm described here.

yes thats exactly what I meant in my last comment

Let me guess, from that 80 % Drachenfels you mostly play on enchanters lair?

thats correct

Guess you could try recruit speed run it couple times for completion and see if it alters the weights. Other than that, you are kinda effed ;5

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