Just the Question about the DLC maps

So the new maps are free available on QP correct?
What if the Host don´t have the DLC? Can any of the new maps appear, if i join some of these hosts per QP?

I got The Pit just 1 time and Blightreaper never on QP. If i host by myself, i already got the Pit about 3 times and 0 times Blightreaper.
I do know that there´s like a daily map rotation, but this seems ugly.

It’s all RNG based I’m afraid.

I could live with RNG, but is it even possible to get the new maps, when the HOST didn´t purchase the DLC???

Does anyone know that? @Fatshark_Hedge

It would be sad to play QP over and over again and the new maps are just rare, because maybe 50% of the current playerbase bought the DLC and only 20% host games…

Wait you can get to DLC map while hosting QP EVEN if you didn’t buy the DLC ?
If that’s intended, then I can see why people are saying the DLC is 8€ for a weekly quest and some cosmetics.

But I think that’s a bug.

As far as I know the maps are in QP rotation for everyone regardless of DLC ownership. However you cannot choose to host the maps if you do not own the DLC.

If I understand it correctly, the host has to own the DLC in order for the new maps to be in the party’s QP rotation. I could be wrong though.

Shadows Over Bögenhafen
The Shadows Over Bögenhafen levels are free to play in Quickplay. When you purchase the DLC you will be able to create custom games and get access to all new quests, challenges and cosmetics.

Given that they do not lack their share in the lobby browser I think that’s right.

New maps are in the QP rotation regardless of the hosts ownership of the DLC


I’m confused then. I mean, that’s an awesome move from you guys, really.
But… people that were trashtalking the DLC are right, it is really 8€ for weekly quest and cosmetics.
Plus the ability to start Bogenhafen maps in private, but I though you wanted to encourage QP.

I bought the DLC anyway, to support you guys, but if it’s how you saw that, people buy DLC to support Fatshark, just say it ^^

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It’s a tricky balancing act. If we put aside the cosmetics being disliked for a moment, one thing we wanted to avoid was splitting the playerbase by selling a DLC. Vermintide 1, despite being able to play DLC maps hosted by a friend who owned them still got flack for splitting the playerbase. Perhaps those calls were unfair, but we decided to go one step further and provide QP access to the new maps for all players so that the matchmaking system could just continue to deliver the same experience to all players regardless of DLC ownership. Maybe we won’t do it again and go back to a more traditional model.

Putting the QP DLC FFA map complaint aside, there are the complaints that the DLC costs about a dollar more for a similar package in V1. The team is bigger, every year the cost to employ 1 person goes up, and the cost to stay afloat as a company goes up. We truly believe V1 and V2 were an absolute bargain given the love and time and money that went in to creating them both. It might be argued that with a bigger team players should see bigger things, and this is true in the long term, but it’s not going to be an immediate thing. Bigger teams can of course create more, but getting to that stage takes time and can actually result in less work as people are coached & trained and familiarise themselves with tools, processes, flows and cultures.

Nothing is ever as black and white as it seems and… yeah. :slight_smile: I’ve probably gone beyond the original question but I hope it’s helpful all the same.


Heh, that’s exactly what I’ve said a couple of times during the summer silence when people were arguing “they should just hire more people”. Getting used to anything in new environment takes a while, from weeks to months (and possibly, with some bad luck, even a year or more) as anyone who has changed jobs or schools or moved to another city should know. And programming something as big as a major game is one of the things requiring quite a lot of familiarity, afaik.

Looking forward to see what this bigger team will bring us then :3 (and I hope this will contain more blood, fire, and SIGMAR)

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You should stay at this point, to give the maps for free in QP. Poeple will cry so or so and even if the 8€$ whatever are just for some quests and recolored stuff, it´s more worth than in every other game. (LoL with 8€ -30€ for one useless skin? great…)

You can´t make the perfect game for everyone and as long as ppl have to pay for something, it´ll always be like “mimimi paid x€ for this bug” etc. I like the DLC, like the challenges and the maps. I just don´t like game-killers (time-eating-issues), but i already told that in other threads.
It´s pretty cool to share the maps for everyone. It would´ve split too much.

PS: Bring more maps like Righteous stand/ Blightreaper pls. :smiley: I know it´s the end times, but to explore some cool designed towns with a firework or sunshine feels so much better than a canalisation.

I would say… Vermintide 3 ^^

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Try moving to Sweden… It’s probably one of the most difficult countries on the planet to move to and get adjusted. That may be an exaggeration, but you get my point, I really feel sorry for the Devs that have had to move to Sweden to work on this game. I’ve been visiting Sweden for 7 years now, married to a Swed, have Swedish children, officially moved here 2 years ago and I’m still waiting on a meeting with the Migration Department to see if I can even live here… They have to approve my right to residency so I can get a personnumer, basically a tax number, lol. Been trying to get a temporary tax number for months now and Skatteverket(Tax Agency) either keeps losing my paperwork or just telling me to resubmit it with a work contract, which I’ve done multiple times now.

If fatshark told me that all the delays on this game were tied to Swedish bureaucracy, I would honestly believe them. lmao…

EDIT: And of course about 50% of productivity losses are from all the Swedish Fika breaks lol

Heh, I can imagine. No first-hand experience, but I’ve understood that immigration isn’t exactly easy here in the Eastern neighbor either…

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What a thorough and illuminating reaponse, thank you!