DLC is GReat :)

Hi there

The 2 new maps are awesome, I love them, really cool looking, gritty , similar to V1, great environment and attention to detail.
The new UI is great too.

I encourage everyone to buy it, in the meantme, if you don’t own it yet, you are welcome to join my group of heroes to go to Bögenhafen!

Don’t listen to wazzocks who hate on the DLC, they hide from the righteous.

Keep up the good work dawri :slight_smile:


loving the dlc.

i’m still waiting for people to complain that they can’t see anything in the dark, like they complained about in hunger map.

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If only they made the rats’ eyes glow in the dark… just think of what kind of imagery we are
missing:star_struck::star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :neutral_face:

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I also think the DLC maps are really good but i am less fond of some of the bugs that started occurring :frowning:

Well that and the fact that you get the DLC maps for free in quickplay so that anyone trolled into buying the actually DLC only really gets some small cosmetic items and the right to run the maps whenever they want rather than sitting on the RNG train.

…Well to me that is a massive nope because i have 0 luck with chests at any rate and i only run quickplay so actually buying the DLC would be a double loss.

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This confuses me.
So did fatshark release the maps into the “qp” pool for everyone?
Or is it that people who purchased the DLC allow them into the qp rotation when hosting?

I keep seeing the “dlc maps are free” statement being tossed around.
If nobody purchased the dlc would the maps still be in rotation?
If yes, then yeah I guess they’re free.
If no, then they’re only “free” because whoevers game you just joined owns them.

The new maps are available for free in the QP pool for everyone, yep.

What you actually buy with that DLC is the right to play them using the custom game que as well as the challenges and DLC exclusive lootboxes.

Those lootboxes are random though so you dont actually know which character you´ll get stuff for.

To me it feels like a ripoff, a big one.

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Dlc is great, just wish fs would tone down the weekly challenge tho

I dont mind the random boxes so much. I play all the careers.
I do think they should add more than one weekly quest for the strongboxes though.
I dont know about you guys, but I only have 2 or 3 challenges left. So after that, 1 strongbox a week doesnt feel like enough. 2 to 3 a week would be good. Then we could get what we want in approx 15 to 30 weeks instead of 60 or so.

Buying the dlc is a way to support the developers. Would you rather the maps were also locked to non-dlc owners so it feels more special or something?

It’s so fascinating how many people are mad about the dlc maps being joinable in qp for anyone… It was the same way for vermintide 1 and everyone thought it was amazing.

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@Flinlock I think at least one person had to own the DLC in VT1 for anyone in their party to play it, and if you didn’t have it you couldn’t do any bounty board stuff, on those maps even if you had a friend who had DLC.

I have played the Bogenhafen maps in parties where no-one owns the DLC. It is actually a nice touch from FS to sooth the playerbase and something of a veiled apology I think.

It might be a bit of a mistake in that people who paid for DLC could feel a bit miffed that others are getting the bulk of the content for nothing., and this might be possibly another shot-in-the-foot by FS, but it’s restored a little of my faith that they’re trying to heal some wounds.

We could use a torch or two in Hunger in the Dark, seriously.

The dlc maps in the quickplay is to avoid split the playerbase
I don’t mind players joining my dlc!
everyone is welcome!

You misunderstand, i truly feel that the DLC maps being available through the GP is great.

However, what does that actually leave you paying for?

8€ for the right to collect rewards for challenges that give you lootboxes…lootboxes which contains random stuff for every character which means you might just end up getting nothing for the characters you actually want stuff for.

RNG cosmetics in other words, and the right to custom que for the maps.

Now i dont think 8 € is that high a price for a bunch of cosmetic items, what does tick me off however is the RNG and the fact that the patch it was launched with caused a pile of bugs to appear with it.

No one is happy when they realize they spent cash to get essentially nothing, its like a scam.

You see where i am coming from here?

KEK, it’s like 10$? I like the new purple weapons and I’m liking the new hats I’ve unlocked so far as well. But still, it’s 10$… that’s cheaper than a pack of ciggs where I live. Or a single pint at the pub lol.


Nice DLC… just little sad no time to play it proper due RL stuff, but my time will come :slight_smile:

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