The latest DLC destroyed quickplay!

People only play the same 7 maps! The 3 from the DLC and the 4 for the skin. Quickplay really sucks now, it gets extremely repetitive! Hope the devs learn from this!

To say it has destroyed the game is jumping in the deep end a bit as I think it is a short term thing. People will go for the skin/bonfires/runes as a new challenge, and once people have them they go back to regular quick play.

ALL DAY LONG I’d rather have the option to play 4 maps at legend, kill the lords and get my red weapon skin rather than gnash my teeth in frustration that another RNG chest has given me the big-middle-finger. Same goes for the bonfire frame as it’s a target that is achievable rather than RNG or Okri (sometimes painfully dull) challenge. The runes were a great new way of playing (old) maps and really had me hooked - Fortunes of War had me hooked as well. A lot. Those damn little packmasters…

I personally hope they continue in this vein, giving achievable targets to get the skins/weapons you want rather than make people smash their face into their keyboard in frustration of another Emperor’s giving 3 blues/oranges in Okri’s RNG anger-management Challenge.

I really hope all future DLC is very similar to the Ubersreik, and revisiting Bogenhafen to have some kind of cool puzzle in the two maps would make me consider buying it. If the Bogenhafen weapons were available in the same manner as Ubersreik I’d definitely go and buy it.


For me with 1000hrs in VT2, this feels like it sort of destroyed the game, even if it sounds a bit more harsh than I actually mean. And if you get what you want, according to your reply, they will loose people that play the game 4hrs+ a day, because it gets very boring to run the same maps over and over again. Sure, I can choose my maps, but then I can’t complete the “daily/weekly” challenges, which more often than not, is based on quick play.

I get that you think that the progression is better than before, and I agree, but it really messes up quickplay, which is needed for the quests/challenges…

So in it’s current state, I still want to argue that the DLC “destroyed” the game (for me). Even without the quests/challenges, why cant I just go do a quickplay and not have to do the same maps over and over and over…

Host a game until your keep is full. Cancel and click quick play. Congrats, you got a random map now.

Odd. I’m actually a bit sad at quick play for the opposite reason, as I don’t seem to get the DLC maps at all. Horn of Magnus is my favourite map (shocking I know) and I barely get to play it :stuck_out_tongue:

I found an approved mod that makes this whole situation better, “Host Quick Play Games”.

Not perfect, but better than being limited to everyone just doing those same maps for the weapons.

You can now /host_toggle

Yeah, that is what this mod allows you to do. It’s not possible without it.

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It is possible. You just click on select a map, host it. When 3 others join, you just f10 cancel and then quick click play.

That is just rude and I hate people who do things like that. What if someone wanted to play that selected map and I try to force QP on him. It’s just as bas as those that start a QP only to cancel it when the group is full and start a deed instead.

No thanks!

But as I said, there is a mod that allows this without being rude.


Luckily, this situation is temporary. The initial rush after the DLC skews map distribution towards the DLC maps (and the Lord maps, for the weapon Illusions. The event skews it a bit more, giving even more maps tow two maps and putting two others into the heavy rotation. Little by little, as people get the Challenges and the initial rush of interest in the DLC maps is lost, things will return to normal - but there will likely be a ahort time when there is a “counterweight” in the maps played, as people choose the maps they haven’t played that much in a while and possibly as Quickplay also balances things out. In a few weeks, things will be pretty much normal (although people getting the game or DLC as Christmas presents may stretch out the skewing some).

It’s good that there was a mod to help the situation approved in the last batch, but you also need some patience. Things will calm down and return to normal.

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