Please don't split the base with quickplay practise

Please let people join games regardless of the DLCs they own.
This practice make games deserted.
I don’t have friends to play with, so I rely on pugs and they are hard to find, especially at off-peak hours.
If you are so dead set on requiring pple to buy ur DLCs maybe just put DLC maps at the end of the queue, only if there are no other maps available.
Culling the player base is unacceptable!

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The playerbase split is temporary. The changes to Quickplay map selection and that only someone in the Keep needs to own the DLC for it to be selectable still allow for everyone to play together.

Right now (and at least over the next weekend) the weight of played maps is heavily on the new DLC, so you cannot join games that are already running one of those if you don’t own it. After both the initial, selected runs and quickplay weighting get balanced, you can return to finding more games - and with luck, you’ll bump into a quickplay group (in the Keep) where someone owns the DLC and thus you can find yourself in Ubersreik occasionally.


This system worked out quite well for VT1, IMO. I had friends with full reds that had never bought a single DLC because money was tight.


It hasn’t worked in VT1. In VT1 you played with bots more often than not.

Another issue is - when you quickplay you usually join the game and if it goes wrong 80% of players leave so you are back to square 1.

Putting people into games with DLC I could only see as a last resort after a player has been waiting for 5 minutes and not been put into a game. But I think if Fat Shark keeps doing things like this DLC to rekindle the fire in the community, it shouldn’t be an issue. This DLC is really damn good. $10 and you get 3 maps + a surprise 4th in addition to Okri challenges and 1 weapon for each character. Portrait too.

I do see where you’re coming from though.


That is unfortunate, but it’s also not something the devs can really help. There are a lot of different attitudes among players that could benefit from change; giving up after a single failure is only one.


Portraits and other bling aside, I agree that DLC is good.
I disagree with the culling of the player base that is obviously happening - the way it works now if you play quickplay you get together to the keep with your buddies really rarely - most people just leave, and that is bad.

Buy the DLC then… if they make the DLC maps free to play I will be asking for a refund. I’m not buying something they’re just going to give for free to others. As it is now, as long as one person in your keep has the maps, you can get them in QP or they can load them for you. Either buy the DLC or don’t complain.


What made you think i don’t have the DLC?

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It was more a general statement to people who don’t have the DLC. Again, if you want to QP into games without having a friend in your lobby, buy the DLC. I am completely against the maps becoming free for all again.


That’s a problem with the game’s reward systems though, not the DLC itself.


That’s true. But I don’t see FS fixing it any time soon. That’s why I’m against dividing players. Legend games are hard to find as is.

Where do you live? Here in Sweden I never have an issue finding a game. Can pull up the lobby browser and there’s normally 6 plus games open at any time which I’m able to join. Only people I’ve heard having issues is Aussies.

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I’m from eu too.
However idk about your gaming times, mine experience is completely different: I’ve played 3-5 dlc maps, never had full party.

Do you have your download region set properly in steam settings? And do you have decent Internet? I know we can’t all have Swedish Internet, but the game does try and match you through ping as well, doesn’t it? I guess it helps that Swedish ISP’s get you decent ping even to US and Canada players. Played with a guy in Texas the other day and we only had between 90-110 ping. But my average ping in game is around 2-30 depending on if I get other Swedes or potato talking Danes.

I can check the lobby browser in a bit when I get home from work. Perhaps something happened yesterday.

That’s completely offtopic and not the issue I’m facing.

I’m just trying to help you, as your settings might not be configured properly which is why you’re not getting games and having a biased opinion.

I just fired up the lobby browser,

8/14 maps I can join are old standard maps you don’t need DLC for. And if you look at the side, I can scroll down and there’s more games. And that’s just for medium distance games. I can select “far” normally and get decent ping as well.

I’ve just been hosting regular games, and then asking people that join through QP if they want to check out the new maps. It’s almost always a yes, and gets more people interested in the DLC. If you own it, consider doing the same =]

I think that not adding all maps to the general qp queue is fair. What’s bad is that if you host a dlc map or have already started a dlc map only dlc owners, friends and the 0.00001% that visit steam profiles and join up from there will be able to join. That’s where I’m having a problem with it. If I bought the dlc I want my games to be filled but at the moment dlc maps are handicapped in comparison to normal ones. It’s already worse enough that qp is bias towards in keep lobbies which is the cause why so many of us can play games with one spot never filling up.

Just played the blight reaper. One player joined 30% in the two others were never filled. Starts to feel like V1 again. Well were just at 2x the players of V1 so that’s to be expected.

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