DLC Maps!!

First off I wanna start off by saying bravo Fatshark! Y’all did an amazing job on Vermintide 2, I absolutely love it! I’ve been trying to find information about upcoming DLC’s but so far I’ve found nothing aside from a bonus dlc map from the first Vermintide. Was wondering if Fatshark every plans on releasing more (and new) content for Vermintide 2?


Oh the console crowd, you’re in for a rude awakening.



This is me. Huntsman main, 350+hours, one hat. On billion red trinkets all the same. Please GOD no DLC yet. Can someone actually fix something please?


You’re gonna wanna buckle up XD


Oh innocence, how I envy thee.


The First DLC will be set in "Bögenhafen"http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Bogenhafen, which was teasd long ago with the Puzzle Picture.

And confirmed through the Interaction with the Trophy Room left in the Xbox Beta.

The Trophy Room is already in the Keep, i personally would say end July maybe start August.

Location on the Map, below Castle Grauenburg.


I play on PC :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you so much for the info!

I didn’t get a red longbow on Huntsman till 450 hours sooo…

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Pfft would like to believe you however, between bug fixing the Xbox version and PC version. Adding dedicated servers and fully implementing mods. Coupled with the inevitable PS4 version and the fact they are a business. RE they would have to give away the maps for the PS4 version, if they come before the PS4 release.
Maps I feel will becoming far far latter on, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are only still in the whitebox stage mostly. The art team (who we know we’re mostly left to do the DLC) has more than likely. Spent the time over the Xbox port making new assets. As opposed to repurposing what they already have. My bet is they’re currently working on cosmetic items to give equal amounts across the classes.
So that will be part of the free content drop. That will coincide dedicated servers and mods you can use in the official realm. My guess then would be PS4 version ramp up.

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Please Sigmar let me get a Red longbow in less than 400 hours play.

2handed sword first. lol
I literally got 2h swords as first red on every character so far. And elf had 2 long swords in a row)))

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