New life to Xbox One Ideas. Love the game

_Thank you to all the dev’s at fatshark for this wonderful and super fun game. It’s been my fav for the past year or two, and I have been playing Vermintide two nonstop as a pass time. _
Just a couple of quick ideas to add to whatever you might be brainstorming—

• Double Exp Weekends!
I hope other players agree that double experience weekends would be super enjoyable and helpful for Xbox One players, and would further incentivize leveling new toons further! Thanks for your consideration!

• New levels DLC for Vermintide 2
Please consider another DLC with new maps of course. The artwork you put into each level goes a long way, and is appreciated by fans.

• Vermintide 1 levels DLC added to Vermintide 2
Also please consider adding more levels from Vermintide 1. The icy dwarven level was such a great open field battle. There were also so many great levels from that game that seem like they would add SO much to the new Vermintide, and would also allow for more profit for Fatshark, as players could pay a small dlc price to add them as content.

• Loot box incentive (tweaks or brainstorming)
The crafting and item system for Vermintide 2 is the most balanced of any game i’ve ever seen or played (which speaks a lot) I feel. However, considering players can receive multiples or duplicates of the same red items and skins, as well as considering the incredibly low drop rate for champion/legendary chests (as opposed to the weekly bogenhafen strongboxes which is much higher) there seems to be potential room, maybe?, for incentivizing players to red items and illusions by tweaking the percentage drop rates, or potentially what rewards are given to players for certain difficulties. (yes i’ve considered tomes and grims)

• Character tweaks and/or nerfs
I feel strongly about this one that Vermintide 2 has allowed for classes, for the most part, to maximize their potential, and allow for various player styles. I would love for this to continue, and strongly enjoy this aspect of the game the most.

However, I feel certain characters, whom I won’t name directly, are vastly overpowered in their potential as compared to others. I feel personally, and very strongly that a better fix to this problem, instead of nerfing a certain class for maximizing it’s potential, rather, is to cultivate further the potential of the classes that are underpowered. This incentivizes players to start playing strange classes they hadn’t considered. I for example don’t typically play the pyromancer at all; however, I devoted time and effort into gearing this class, and watching guides from other players, and after feeling I made the most of the class that was possible, still felt this class was vastly underpowered as compared to ‘unchained’ or simply playing other characters that I was more successful in ‘maximizing potential’ with.

I hope this sentiment is at least noted at heart by devs, because I understand this, of all the points I mentioned, would take the most time and resources to refine and revisit in order to work on.

However, I feel it’s worth noting, especially for a potential Vermintide 3, that ‘maximizing potential’ for classes for characters is what I believe makes the game come to life and have room for growth and more fun.

— Coocoochini

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