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Title: Hear me out…instead of scriptures or grimoires, Fatshark adds unique legendary elites.

An idea since Vermintide 2 has stuck with me for a few years now. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same but grimoires and scriptures just feel kinda lazy and boring game design. Throws you out of the focus and makes you less immersed which is such a shame cus this is a beautiful game with gorgeous level design. Instead they can try adding Special mobs that spawn in corners of the map randomly placed with a unique pack around it. When you kill them you gain bonus XP, Currency and a chance to increase getting a gift from the Emperor.

Having to choose to ignore these legendary mobs or using your last resources risking death would add a new level of gameplay. Don’t get me wrong…I love looking for over due library books from hell BUT the thought of huge legendary Bulwarks, Crusher, Reapers with glowing red eyes, unique armor, surrounded by lesser versions of itself patrolling around in specifically chosen areas of the map would be scary and engaging for us gamers.

I like the idea of increasing your chances of getting items or higher rated items from the emperor adds a new thing to look forward too at the end. Just a thought tho, so far I’m having a ton of fun an just wanted to share some ideas I’ve had for awhile. whats the community think? Is this a good idea?


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this suggestion for Vt2 before. Either way, it’s a good one. Way more engaging and better risk/reward.


In general, if they are having a secondary mission system more mission types would be good beyond RNG scavenger hunts.

Small scan events, Elite Elites, lugging an objective through a mission (maybe explosives to a point to sabotage, lots of narrative reasons)

Rewards should be more than just currency/xp, things like:

  • Crafting materials (when crafting is implemented), not just the plasteel and diamatine, but also tokens or STC fragments that can guarantee traits or properties)
  • Shop refresh tokens (both normal shop and contract shop)
  • Higher chance or guaranteed Emperor’s gift (the harder the secondary the better the item, or you can aim for a type like ranged/melee/curio)

I love this idea. Would be a lot of fun

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Fantastic ideas on this thread, bumping it.

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Something like the Chest of Trials from Vermintide II’s Chaos Wastes would be dandy.


Because they were able to get highest end systems on bank loan and did not hire proper writers or story designers, all their budget went into making this game as heavy and convoluted graphics wise as possible,

so, RIP immersion RIP story RIP tomes/grimoires RIP more than one enemy type. even if this game Worked as they wanted and was so realistic you try to touch your screen, it would still be a Meh game boring after a month

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Also will be a mess every time they try to patch in new content in the future will need to re optimize, if they ever optimize in the first place.

There you go :laughing:. From November 2018.


id rather have the wire brush and dettol treatment for piles than these damn grims and scriptures… i was so sad they made it into v2 its heresey they are still around in DT

you wot?

There I go indeed. :upside_down_face:

Knock on the door leading to the barracks/kennel/“ogryn den”/“makeshift fight club” and face the consequences. Would be easy enough to implement without breaking immersion too much.

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I like the idea, but i’d also keep scrip/grim for secondary objective diversity.

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My thoughts. He’s basically proposing that. It’d make for a fine addition for people being bored on Malice and too tired of endless horde on heresy, but I reckon the focus is to get the game into a playable state right now.

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**TLDR Version : Collectible items; scriptures, grimoires, crafting items are spread out way to far from the mains paths in a mission and are not at all conducive to team play in a most assuredly Team Play game.

My issue with scriptures, grimoires, and now the “crafting supplies” is that they can literally appear anywhere in a mission and more often then not are well out of the way of the main “path” that the team travels.

I understand that these items are supposed to be rare and a bit more dangerous to acquire, but in doing so none of these three things is conducive to playing as a team, especially in regards to Toughness. If you’ve got one team member wandering off to find the collectables (usually me) that one player is not regenning Toughness and is weakening the team as a whole. When you have all 4 players doing this, it can be a recipe for disaster.

While this effect is generally lessened in lower level content, in higher level content, especially with extra effects added on to the mission like larger hordes, more special monsters, and more frequent specials, this can be devastating to a team.

Playing online with strangers is akin to herding cats. It’s nearly impossible. I can have my own mic open (different issue is NO indication of Mic activation is a whole other topic) so I can talk to my team, but none of them have to listen or even respond and typing in text in a game such is this is just ASKING for a Trapper, Flamer, Pox Burster, or Dog to come running up behind you and kill you.

It feels like, in comparison to Vermintide 2, that the Darktide missions are overflowing with different paths to travel, more rooms/spaces, more dead ends, and more maze-like areas to traverse. With so many things to collect, it behooves the average player to explore every nook and cranny to make sure they get everything and take advantage of every bit of character and game feature that they can.

Quite frankly, Darktide is not conducive to killing stuff and that’s the main goal right? While I do appreciate the ability to “craft”, having to spend half the mission looking for these seemingly rare items, rather than killing monsters and mutants with my team is tedious and dangerous to the team. If no one else is looking for this stuff I often feel as though I am not contributing to the team. I can ask for my teammates to do the same but I have no real ability to keep them as a team with me, as I look for stuff that benefits us all, nor would I ever attempt to. You paid for the game, you’ll play it as you see fit, team play or not.

Of course even asking over voice chat for these things is equally likely to get a smart-ass or no response from a teammate as it is to see them actually contribute.


Yes! More interesting map modifiers in general are sorely needed. A secondary assassination target is a great idea.

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Bumping. Scrips and grims, at least the way they’ve been implemented in Darktide, are just a chore that grinds progression to a crawl while you search every nook and cranny. However the game itself seems to be constantly pushing you to move forward and punishing the sedentary behavior that these collectibles are promoting by their very existence.

And while I’m probably just bad at the game, I can’t be the only one who thinks that curse being added to enemy attacks in addition to what you get from carrying grims feels a bit excessive. A poxburster’s probably just gonna superman out of the monster box right next to the medicae station the moment I’ve finished healing anyways, why bother picking up a grim in addition to that?