Feedback And idea list for Fatshark - No discussions just post your ideas


Fatshark, My services are available for hire. I have more ideas than I know what to do with.

Over the course of vt2 short lifetime there must have been thousands of ideas from the community posted on what we feel like would enhance the experience and make us come back for more.

I thought I’d start a list where we all contribute on what we feel like would be nice additions - the idea is to make a lists that is ready and easily accessible fort FS to look at. To make that work, there will be no discussions on weather or not an idea is good or bad. I believe FS competent enough to make out good Vs bad ideas on their own without having community heroes fighting the war for them. Feel free to add any and all ideas you have and if something seems like a good idea give it a <3.

My hopes for not just vermintide 2 but Vermintide in general is that it will eventually turn into something more than just a singular game that a some point will be replaced by vermintide 3. Hopefully vermintide will turn into its own universe as something like wow without the mmo part. But what WOW does good is adding to the universe and not just the game. As such some of my ideas derive from that notion and hope.

More life in the keep

  • Lohner: Olesya walks around a bit which is nice and brings a tiny bit of dynamic and liveliness to the keep, as does all the ravens talking, thunder and lighting and music. Just like Olesya I would love to see lohner trut about a bit, maybe engaging with a merchant whom comes every time the emporium is updated. He must have other things to do that just stand still?
    Surely Lohner must also need a bed somewhere ? Does Lohner play chess or some other board game for shillings maybe?

More life in the keep 2

  • Besides stationary Lohner and his tired legs and oleysa there’s not much going on in the keep and i always found it rather lonely and odd why the rest of the gang aren’t around. I would love to have the rest of the characters moving about the keep with what ever they spend their free time on.
  • On the top of my head they could be cleaning blood of their clothes, sharpening their weapons, sleeping, talking to Lohner, talking to each other, Fishing (add fish to the water) practicing, drinking ale, catching rats, arguing, cleaning the keep, reading books, writing stuff(paper all over the place - somebody is writing alot)
    Alot of the aforementioned possibilities also opens up for possible character “quests” or challenges though dialog as well as ingame banter.
    In the end I would be happy just to have them moving about a bit in the keep. It’s where they should be.

More life in the keep 3

  • As time passes and more and more people are being saved some of those people could be tailors, weapons smiths etc whom would want to help our heroes/fight back against the enemy forces/need refuge. Something I feel is missing in VT2 is the connection between events/missions. Each mission, though fun on their own has little carry over to each other. They all feel separated and disconnected to the story, which I feel is in desprate need of, well more story telling. There is more than enough space to accommodate new arrivals with all the unused doors around the keep. In the future these people could turn into new player characters or just have missions of their own which the players would need to finish. Getting them back home, finding their loved ones etc. Maybe there are only room for a few refugees and the players have to choose whom to save. ultimately that choice could lead to a myriad of new mission options and changes to the keep. Besides pictures and a statue for those who bought it, there is nothing else that the players can do to make their keep stand out. Having npc’s in your keep that others don’t would 1 be cool and 2 could also open up for a whole new venue of gameplay and interaction. Imagine a player visiting another players keep and finding out there is a tailor there of, lets say rank 50(maybe they can be upgraded via missions/shillings etc - eventually making better/new equipment available) whom players can interact with and buy stuff from with shillings and or real world money - sort of an auction house… This could lead to the game having it’s own ingame economy. Something that FS could profit on.

New spells for enemy spell casters.

  • Blight stormers and liches are something of a one trick pony which laves them somewhat boring. By adding a few new spells or maybe just one to each would bring about more variety when fighting them.
  • Blight stormers could have a darken spell that works just like the blight storm instead it makes the area inside the storm pitch black or close to. Not only making it hard to fight but in certain scenarios also dangerous to move like if standing near an edge.
  • Liches could have something like instant teleportation where it teleports captured player a certain distance away from the the rest of the group. Pretty much the same as a blight storm but that player might be incapacitated after the teleportation.

More keep options/central fireplace

  • I love the rain and thunder while being in the keep and I genuinely get immersed finding myself wanting to light a fire and warm myself up next to it.
    How about adding a fireplace like sienna and kruber has, where players can sit and relax. Adding to the idea below of having NPC player characters in the keep as well they too could be finding their way to the fireplace for some warmth and maybe a story or two. Those stories could be lore stories of their respective pasts which gets added to incrementally as the players spend time with their fellow NPC heroes. Players would essentially have to spend a bit of time in front of the fireplace every time it rained for the stories to progress. Maybe Bardin pulls out a flute and begins to play and sing songs of old dwarfen stories. Maybe these stories has some clues which ends up opening secret missions/ missions that are character specific.

New heroes & npc’s

  • If and when new Heroes and Npc’s are to be added into the game, i think it would be a shame to just simply add them and suddenly the keep has a new face. There are far better ways of going about this like rescuing them during a mission etc.

Adding seasons to the keep.

  • This one also goes under immersion as it would have no immediate effect on gameplay unless we want it to. But time do go by and as such seasons should change. We already have clouded weather, rain, thunder, wind and hopefully soon night time along side a fireplace from where we can all sit at warm up while relaxing with a cup of wine and a piece of bread to go with the soup. There has already been spend a lot of time on immersive aspects so I see no issue continuing down that path.
    During winter time voice lines could chance accordingly, and snow could be falling as the water has been frozen solid. In the fall the trees would lose their leaves. This could eventually also spill over into actual gameplay which would again enhance the immersive aspect of the game but also give options for new missions on old maps.

Npc Player characters

  • With the addition of the player characters as npc’s living and moving about the actual player in the keep they could have some purposes as well.
    Kruber could fx. be the only character that can use the smithy and thus players would have to interact with him to make something.
    sieanna could be the enchantress that imbues spells upon weapons/or just have to find the spells for Olesya (more on this below)
    Bardin could be the expert in armor and he would the one to adress if anything armor related needs fixing and or upgrading etc.
    Kerrillian role could be bow/range related as would the huntsman.
    Lastly victor Shakespeares role could be lore related.


  • Not much to say about it. Torches outside the keep should go out when it rains.
  • Torches also light up the keep a bit to much. During the evening and nighttime the keep should be somewhat shrouded in darkness both on the inside as touches don’t give out that much light and especially outside. I would love to see some lighting strikes as well during night time.


  • Presuming that Olesya indeed is a sorceress and of some skill her role seems very under used in the game as is. I believe there are room for some cool ideas and implementations that would enhance the player experience and FS pockets a bit if they chose to hide it behind a paywall. before lohners emporium came to be he was just filling with no purpose. As can be seen in my more life in the keep section I am not against that pr say but with the emporium in play he now has an actual role. The same can unfortunately not be said About Olesya. As is she is essentially what lohner used to be. But just like lohner and his emporium she could also be giving an actual role. Assuming she is a sorceress why not use her as a means to enchant items. Olesya’s cellar of magic. Her expertise could be anything from paid traits and properties on weapons etc with shillings(for those that don’t want to spend time re-rolling, adding small enchantments to gear like weapons, hats, skins etc. Enchantments could be something like increases in crit chance, crit dmg, atc speed, health, dmg reduction etc. Basically the same as on the trinkets, charms, weapons etc. Reversely new and exciting enchantments could also be devised.
    Adding enchantments shouldn’t be cheap by any means but expensive, very expensive and something that takes a very very long time to save up for and maybe they have to be placed on a new tier of weapons as well. A tier of weapons that glow with “insert color”. This new tier would then have properties, traits and then enchantment lastly. As this could potentially serve as a form of end game content these weapons should be attainable only for those that put in the work for it. Olesya gains purpose. Players have something hard to get to strive for. Win/Win
    A quick idea on how to achieve these new tier weapons could be something that is tied to the lore section where players have to find the forgotten fortress of “insert any dwarfen fortress name”
    Players could possibly have to find shards of the weapons during their missions like ravaged art.
  • With all the chests and wardrobes in the different town maps at least one of them would probably contain some clothes. I mean, some of them contain a glowing dice so why not cosmetics.


  • Adding to the idea of before mentioned enchantments instead of olesya just having them rady available she could mention that she is able to do so but needs the spells to do it. Seeing as there are a lot of books around the maps (convocation of decay’s hospice seems like a place for healers etc.) some of these books could be tomes of spells that could be found and eventually piece together the enchantments for olesya to bestow upon the gear.

Single player missions

  • Seeing as there are no 5 player missions, one character would then in theory be left behind at the keep which could be one explanation to why single player missions would be available. Single player missions could be missions that revolve around the character building. Little is know of our 5 heroes whom we have all come to love over the past couple of years depending on when we entered the vermintide series. I for one feel like the game and hence the players are missing out on a lot of potentially interesting lore of the characters. Character building helps build up more atmosphere end ultimately interest in the heroes and the game in general. As the game is now I feel little to no connection to either of the 5 heroes because i simply don’t know enough about them to warrant such a connection. As such the game falls under the same category as say Bloons tower defence. The gameplay is fun, but also forgettable. To be truly magnificent, memorable and addicting the game has to progress - which it does by adding new maps, enemies and cosmetics but long term think character building is essential. Implementing single player missions could then serve as a way forward for the game and also bring something completely new as well. VT2 is a 4 player coop first and foremost but we are playing within the confines of the warhammer fantasy universe even though Fatshark has been using some creative liberative rights. What warhammer fantasy or 40k does better than anybody is story telling. The vastness of the universe is why it has such success and why one feels a connection to what ever faction they are playing with.
    These missions could be on going in the sense that they could be implemented incrementally over time. Each player character could have anywhere from 1 to xx amount of missions depending on just how deep our beloved devs want to dig.


  • When players die and have to be revived they are always found with their hand bound behind their backs. Essentially they are not dead, they have just been captured and incapacitated until the rest of the players have been captured as well. Presumably they will then be transported to the skittergate just like in the prologue. But it is obvious that the skaven and or chaos doesn’t want our heroes dead but brought back alive for something like interrogation purposes to figure out where they are coming from, are there more of us etc. Instead of just losing the map when wiped why not implement a follow up mission from where the captured heroes need to escape. Maybe the team will need to go back and free themselves in a rescue mission but this time those heroes are not available as they are being held captive. Maybe there could be implemented a bulletin board where people could make posts on various things related to in-game topics. maybe they could could put up a bounty for a party to go rescue them.

In-game bulletin board

  • many games have these and it allows players to first and foremost connect through said board without having to go to the forum. I don’t believe many players are aware that there is a forum!
    I got a myriad of ideas on how this bulletin board could be used as well.

jail sell/dungeon/captives

  • Maybe being able to build a dungeon for captives to be interrogated which slowly over time gives clues for something fun. Could be a hidden enemy camp, enemy plans to take over a town which in turn would give a mission to stop it. Maybe that mission is a success maybe its not. If it’s a success something happens if it’s a failure something else happens. Maybe the captives die while in captivity and you have to redo the mission where you caught them to get another captive.


  • Unless you have previous experience with the warhammer Fantasy universe the uninitiated player is missing out a lot and with that a lot of the atmosphere that surrounds said universe.
    How about implementing some of that great lore into the game?
    On the top of my head I could think of at least a few good ways this could be done.
  • The more you kill the more you learn! Killing say 1000, then 2000, then 5, then 10 etc. enemies of any specific type could open up for lore regarding that specific enemy. With all the books lying around some of those that are standing on shelves could be lore books. that could be accessible by clicking and then reading. With each learnt lore something like crit chance could be enhanced by 0.5% or maybe even 1% if there is 3-5 lore points to achieve that would raise it just a bit without having a huge impact besides the feeling of progress for the players.
  • Finding tomes of long lost information that contains lore. Could implement an empty bookshelf that slowly fills up with lore books as the game progresses. Maybe some of those books contain clues that the player has to read for themselves to figure out. Clues that could open up for secret missions that would otherwise not be available… Tome mentions something about a hidden map to the old barak var fortress of the old dwarfen kingdoms, long lost to a cave-in. Within the fortress are possible treasures of old. Take this idea and multiply it by 5 (each player character) and again x or xx amount of times for each to learn more about every character= character quests.

Rethinking shillings

  • I like the idea of an ingame currency but it makes no sense the way shillings are earned atm.
    Who’s paying me these shillings and what is wrong with him/her ? doe’s he or she have ocd since I need to 25 elites to earn 5 shillings and not 24 or 45, no 25! and how come it doesnt matter where those elites are killed. Is it lohner ? why does lohner need 25 elites dead ? It’s not just the elites. it’s all the quests. they make no sense and they are like a lit phone during a movie at the cinema. It’s pulls you out of the universe and back into your seat .
    VT2 is so atmospheric and at least for me these quests pull me out of the universe and could be much much better done.
    It could be something like freeing xx amount of slaves which would make more sense as they would be praising your heroism and paying you what little money they have for freeing them, bringing something back to lohner, olesya from a mission (ravaged art maybe - say 10 pieces for 5 shillings or maybe 30 pieces for 50 whatever) it could be killing every single enemy from a map essentially freeing the populace and or giving them their town back. Who wouldn’t pay a few shillings for our heroes for that ? it’s the notion that we earn the shillings from doing something meaningful instead of “stand still in a corner while wearing a hammer for 60 seconds” It simply breaks the illusion.

World map

  • Again long term idea but how cool would this one be…
    Implement a world map from where you’ll be able to travel around by foot doing missions for regular people like merchants, majors etc. Building new hideouts, overtaking new keeps of strategic importance which will ofc have to be build and managed by the player in the form of shillings etc. Buying and building defensive structures to help out against the enemy attacks that are coming during events. (event missions) Surely not all places that olesya want’s us to visit have a waystone and surely some of these places are far away. Setting up shop in distant places would make sense.
    The world map would also give rise to many more ideas and implementations of new content, lore etc.

lanterns, shovels, traps, etc.

  • Introducing said objects alongside others could make for interesting mission ideas and play.
    During the fort braksenbuksen mission one player has to get the cannon ball while the rest of the team has to protect that player as he/she is unable to do so themselves due to the cannon ball taking up both hands. It is both highly annoying but also very interesting. The same can be said with the hunger in the dark mission where the lantern is the only light the players have. With that said
    1: lanterns could be used in specific missions where there is little to no light. Carrying a lantern obviously takes up at least one hand leaving that player unable to use anything but single hand weapons also excluding ranged weapons as well. That player would be in a less than optimal situation to fight but he is still valuable as he is the only light they have. But wait, maybe each player can take a lantern? this would mean more light, but again no ranged weapons, at least the ones that require 2 hands to work and the same for melee. Maybe they have sienna on bard and as such can cope without lanterns. Lanterns would ofc have to be bought and paid for with shillings and will only last for x amount of missions as they break down etc.
    2: Imagine a mission underground where there is a high probability of cave-ins. Someone would need a lantern or some other form of light for sure. Someone would also need a showel in the case of such a cave in to be able to remove the rubble and clear the way forward. Maybe this map is huge, maybe there are different paths to take put you need a shovel to be able to clear those paths out.
    Maybe there is a long lost treasure to be found which needs some digging up.
    3: Traps could be used in specific events, missions etc where someone like olysia might need some information or something from captives.

Carts, rams, cannons etc.

  • Pushing any object like the ram or shooting an object like the cannon, should first and foremost need players to attach themselves to the object instead of just walking besides it. Attaching players to the object would put them at risk while doing so bringing about some excitement. Secondly shooting cannons etc where players have to keep the mouse pushed in for xx amount of seconds before firing lets the players turn around while doing so. This should ofc not be so. If a player turns around to see whats going on, the firing sequence should be stopped.

Dog house

  • but wheres the dog ?
    Adding a dog that just wonders around would bring about some life to the keep.

Keep restoration.

  • Thought it interesting to be able to use shillings to buy repair tools etc to repair the keep.

Repairing weapons.

  • II don’t know much about smacking a sword into a piece of metal full force but I have a small yet very persistent tingling in the back of my head saying that it would probably leave the sword in need of repair on a regular basis. Same goes for all weapons with a sharp blade I guess. Why not implement repairing into the crafting section. The whole idea of weapons losing their effectiveness could carry over into the actual fighting where they could possibly deteriorate into a state of less effectiveness. Say you have a sword that you have used for 5 missions straight which equals x amount of thousand kills could begin the lose it’s effectiveness and if not repaired would lose dmg output, crit chance, crit dmg, speed etc. To repair we could use scrap which everyone has plenty of anyways. This would make scrap serve a purpose opposite now where it’s just there doing nothing.
    Repairing could be done through the crafting menu or maybe lohner could be payed in shillings to do so. Why not play with the idea that a smith arrives at the keep(we save him - he’s one of the slaves)

Ranged weapons

  • I’m thinking that it could be interesting to see what the game would feel like if players had to buy and bring ammunition from Lohners. This would place Melee combat in the drivers seat and ranged combat in the back as ranged characters would no longer just spam away at hordes but instead be reserved wit their limited ammunition for when it is truly needed. At the same time I would suggest nerfing every ranged cqb weapon’s ability at range, either by spread, dmg output, armor piercing or a combination. Melee characters specialty is cqb and giving them weapons like the repeater gun makes the huntsman obsolete in but only the smallest of circumstances. The blunderbuss is a perfect fit for a melee character whereas the handgun and especially the repeater gun makes the melee character able to take over the role of the ranged special killer. I also never liked the idea of constantly finding arrows and bullets in the most unlikely places. Sure some missions it makes sense but out in the forrest there’s a ammunition crate ?
    I believe that implementing this would make ranged carriers a more viable as the group now needs someone to fill the role of long range sniper.
    Implementing this also opens up more venues that could be looked into. For example Bows Vs guns. With bows there could be x amount of chance to recover arrows from fallen enemies which would make bows more viable over time than guns. On the other hand guns could then rightfully do more damage and be more precise but then without the possibility of regaining used bullets.
  • Another idea that derives from the above is that as the status quo is now, melee characters are vital for a group to the highest amount of chance to survive on cata. In general a group of no melee players would do much worse than a group of only melee. As such melee player are the bread and butter of the group and besides taking a range character for fun, it doesnt do much for the group that a full tank group cant do without. Again the tanks can be outfitted to snipe just fine. Nerfing range combat for non range classes would make the actual range classes a viable choice. imagine 4 players of footknights with repeater guns vs 4 players of huntsman - on cata that is. Fk does just fine with the repeater gun taking out liches, elites and blightstormers from afar. Sure the repeater gun has to fire more round to kill the model but with vast amount of available ammo cashes all over every map, he never runs out - huntsman and the other range classes are nothing but filler that leaves them with a very very niece role of trying to headshot rat ogres etc. Imo range characters should be medicore melee fighters that can handle themselves in a fight but only just but excel at ranged combat Vs elites etc. Range classes should be needing tanks for their survival during hordes because they are not geared for it whereas melee classes should need range classes to take out specials before they close that gap on them. Surely this is already the idea but because all classes have viable range weapons the need for a range only class is not there.
    With said nerf to range for melee classes the opposite must also be implemented and range classes should then deal less dmg in melee and their talent trees should revolve around range and nothing but range.
    speaking of nerfing I have a few ideas on what would work:
    1: Melee characters can only bring small weapon arms which are not armor piercing and cannot shoot far.
    2: As melee characters are not as trained with range weapons as range classes their aim could be less accurate and aiming with long range weapons like the hand gun should represent this. This could be done by a small wobble of the crosshair effectively making it more difficult to aim.
    3: Take the repeater gun as an ex. it’s a horrible weapon in the way that its too good. It’s supposed to be a cqb weapon but it works at range just as well. the problem is the dot. the dot is to easy to aim with and I for one can aim better with the dot from afar than any zooming ranged weapon. This is because as you zoom the enemy model comes closer which means his movements become faster. This is not the case from afar where the model is moving slowly. By removing the repeater guns, and every other cqb guns ability to actually hit anything at range the dot can remain and suddenly the ranged classed has a needed ability no other classes posses. namely the ability to shoot far and hit. This could be done by simply making the cqb ranged weapons unable to hit anything from afar or that their damage out becomes extremely low and looses their armor piercing abilities.
    Ranged classes should be someting a party needs. not something thats just there. This fixes that.
  • Flaming arrows! Arrows could have an added bonus with the ability to be lit. These arrows could then do fire damage to enemies and/or light up dark areas. The ability to light arrows should take a few seconds before being able to fire.


  • Keep/cellor flooding due to rain
  • Tower collapse due to lighting strike - needs reparing
  • Aforementioned merchant has been robbed on his way to the keep - new mission to get his wares back? maybe kidnapped - No cosmetics int he shop at all until retrieval / rescue mission has been completed. if completed within certain time frame maybe a small discount on normal wares and an event cosmetic.
  • Refugees from a town under attack find their way to the fort for protection. Mission plot would be to purge the town of enemies and restore order.
  • Olesya’s gives notice that her old apprentice/old friend, colleuge, mentor etc. will be visiting in xx amount of days and his/her is specialty is enchantments. Why is she there? Maybe she has a mission. Maybe she’s jsut passing by and maybe just maybe she has a cosmetic that is a tad pricey but worth the coin.
  • The waystone breaks down/is interfered with by enemy magic which opens up for both missions that revolve around fixing it and also missions that could be less important in the grand scheme of things while it’s getting fixed. These missions could constitute of traveling to a near by towns around the mountains that needs fortifications against the skaven/chaos intrusions in the area.
  • Revisiting maps. As the game progresses and players reach higher levels time would have been passing ingame, giving skaven/chaos time to repopulate previously cleaned areas where they once had a foothold. Instead of just repopulating the areas which would serve no purpose, use the map/maps as entrances to new maps. Instead of just adding maps which has no connection to previous maps/history of the game add small changes to said maps. Maybe the skaven have been spotted in the area by the survivors of the first attack (town map) and we/players are sent there to investigate. Turns out there is a lair below the town from which the skaven has begun coming out at night. And hidden entrance somewhere has to be found to gain access. maybe this entrance isn’t so easy to find and requires more than just trial and error maybe it’s connected to the books in which a code or something is found to open the spell that has been cast on the secret and invisible door.
  • High risk high reward missions: Could be implemented in all difficulties where the risk is either new weapon/armor/head hear etc design. otherwise not available. It could be keep decorations in the form of more paintings or maybe just more frames for incoming events that give the paintings. It could be some new decorative items besides paintings. As these missions are high reward in the sense that they are otherwise unattainable the risk should also mirror. The risk could be anything from loosing shillings to gear or characters for a while.
    Missions could be something like retrieve captives from skaven stronghold and escape with them. Escaping should then be very difficult and become increasingly more so as time goes by in the dungeon as more and more skaven rally to the fight. Dying and ultimately not escaping could then mean that, that particular character would be captured (when dying you are essentially captured and bound until revived) You will then no longer be able to use that character for this particular mission
    untli it has been compelted and said character has essentially been saved.
    The general idea is that there should be some almost unattainable items because the risk is simply to high or because it’s just that difficult to archieve. The game is skill based when it comes to legend and cata, så i thought they idea fits into that idea - that you need the skill to achieve it.
  • Full moon event. Everybody knows what happens on a full moon. werewolves come out. During this event all maps are only lit up by the moon and whatever candles and lanterns are lit.
  • 5 player events. : Events that gives players the opportunity to have a full roster of characters. These event could be something that would require the 5th player due to the difficulty of the event.
  • Supply mission for the keep. Feeding 7 people and soon possibly more the keeps food stock would need to be resupplied on a regular basis. Adding a monthly or perhaps weekly mission to to get supplies would be a fun and immersive mission in the sense that the players are not only doing the regular kill missions. Such a mission could constitute of having to go down the mountain and find the nearest town which could be under siege when the players arrive/or not. As they reach the town and acquire the goods, they would have to push a cart back to the keep while fighting off enemy attacks. Maybe they run across a trolls nest and have to fight more than one troll.

“New items” tab in Emporium. All of these new items, deleted items and even newer items being added in one day makes me a bit confused, especially considering the fact that new items are not that different from the old ones, sometimes the difference being literally “we removed one texture”.

Maybe “featured” does that already, but I’m not sure about this. It’s still mixed items shown with items you already own in there and overall there’s no convenient enough system to check new items.


New weapons:


  • Eternal Guard Shield for Waystalker
  • Sword and Shield for Handmaiden- additionally, Bleaksword (sword and shield) for Shade
  • Whip for Shade
  • Throwing Daggers for Shade and Waystalker
  • Avelorn Bow for Handmaiden
  • Hand Crossbow and Sword for Shade


  • Trollhammer Torpedo for Ironbreaker
  • Talent that changes grenades into Satchel Charges for Ironbreaker


  • Outrider Pistol & Sword for Mercenary
  • Crossbow for all classes
  • 1h and 2h axes for Huntsman


  • Flaming Whip w/ Flamestorm


Dwarf Pistols
Maybe IF FatShark is considering adding even more classes. (Well I mean there are plenty already…)
What about implementing the “Hammerer” for Bardin? With a special runic hammer.

Duckfoot Pistol (mainly because I find the name funny)

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More unique enemies for current factions.

Also more unique looks for them.


I was hoping to see them become more Nurgly and messed up, like some of the models.

This sort of stuff makes me want to get into game design or modding myself.

More different looks would be interesting.

For example the chaos warriors could differentiate more than just the helmets and weapons.

Gatekeeper Naglfahr for example. Seems to me like a smaller Bödvarr without helmet.

Or the monsters, like the Chaos Spawn.


Rethinking the sack rat

  • As it is now I don’t think the sack rat is much more than a gimmick that serves little purpose as opposed to what it could. Instead of just using the rat as a running chest why not go further and add some more dept to it. Lets first start out by identifying it’s traits. It’s something of a raven really that opposed to ravens hoarder everything and not just shiny object. Now that we know what it is and what it want’s why not give it the opportunity to try and get it. More loot for it’s sack that it. But where could it get more loot you might ask ? from out heroes ofc. A few ideas that could work would be that there as two types of sack rats. One as we know it that runs of with the sack on it’s back and the more tricky version that blends in with hoardes, albeit with no weapon, and tries to get close. If it is successful at doing so the rat could then begin running off with any one of the players items. Could be one of the weapons, trinkets etc.
    Affected player would now be a liability to the team as they are possibly half a man short if the rat runs off with the primary weapon and finding the rat again would be a priority. And that brings me the next part which is recovering lost items. This could be done by shooting the rat once they see it again or maybe the rat has a treasure lair hidden somewhere. Another option in opposition to recovering lost items could be that they might not be able to. Giving a sense of urgency to slaying the rat before it escapes out of sight. I don’t see this as a problem as most if not all people have enough raw materials to simply craft the same weapon and reroll what ever stats they had before. In fact I think this would add an element which VT lacks imo which is consequences. Adding an element of consequence heightens the stakes and by default the thrill of any mission.
    A second option the thieving sack rat could have would by that of the opportunist. Instead having to close the distance and try to steal items from out heroes he could do so when they fall and are bond lying on the floor ready for processing. This would put a sense of real urgency to the rest of the team to come and revive/rescue their fallen before the sack rat finds it’s way to them. The same idea of either having to find the rat, it’s lair or actually loosing the item stolen could apply again.
    This idea could possibly be part of the Hardcore mode I mention below.

Hardcore mode:

  • Normally HC mode means perma death if one dies but this is not what I’m suggesting as that would never work. Instead what I am suggesting is a mode that could run on all difficulty levels from recruit to cata which has real game changing consequences. As I have previously talked about there are no consequences as the game is now and dying ingame or loosing the mission completely means nothing. At best the players have lost some time and are able to retry the mission as many times as they please . I can see how that suits some people but I for once crave the opposite. Never have I played a game of diablo or any other game that had Hardcore mode on anything but and never have a game been more thrilling and exciting.
    In Hardcore mode dying could fx. mean that you lose all the gear you had with you on the mission. As I have already mention earlier most people have so much raw materials to craft a spacecraft that losing said gear would be nothing but a miner nuisance. Still something everybody would like to avoid though and that is the ringer right there. Giving incentive to players to not die. Running off to play rambo suddenly seems like a bad idea and players would be more inclined to work as a group.
    Another idea could be that when a player goes down instead of them dying first and then reappearing with their hands bound behind their back, the enemy could drag them off and if they are able to pull them out of sight of the other players then they die. Second idea could be that they simply reappear instantly somewhere else in the bound state and if not rescued within a certain time frame which would have to be a small window from which to succeed. In concert with the new sack rat mechanics this could lead to some interesting encounters.
  • Maybe the player falls and a rat begins to pull said player away in the midst of a huge horde attack. The remaining players frantically try to cut a path through the never ending tide of rats rallying to the fight, in a fools hope of being able to reach their fallen comrade who’s fate seems almost assured. As all seems lost for Salt, brave Ser kruber raises his shield and in an instant it seems that everybody stops fighting as he begins pummeling his way through the scores of enemy combatants in his way. Nothing would stop him from reaching Saltspire! Never again would he allow another of his friends to fall! His voice could be heard screaming SIGMAAAAAAR as he was rammed through the enemy ranks like a steam tank, putting them on their backs. Dispite his best effort the enemy forces where to many and Ser kruber was unable to reach Saltspire and was now completely surrounded by the enemy. He could now only look as Salt was being dragged off. They had lost Saltspire but when all seemed lost and hope had abandoned them, a light as bright as the sun on the most beautiful summer day appeared, but only for an instant and then came the heat and then the screams. Sienna had conjured a fireball spell and scores of rats where now either lying in ashes on the ground or running around screaming in agony in their final moments. What remaining rats there were, quickly ran off in panic but our heroes knew they would return in larger numbers soon and had move fast if they were to escape. There were no time to mourn the loss of Saltspire and they began running in the direction of where Olesya had said the waystone would be. Not far from the stone kerrilian heard a muttering coming from inside a small cave and could barely make out what seemed like a human figure on the ground. SALTSPIRE she yellled. SALT’s alive! Quickly she ran into the small cave which was lit up by cracks and holes in the cave walls. Kruber stood guard outside while sienna also ran into the cave to help kerellian free Salt. Hurry they are coming Ser kruber yelled as he prepared his shield for impact as the tide of rats came into sight not far down the path from where he stood. The path was narrow and his shield large. Almost large enough to block off the path completely but if the rats reached him he knew he would have to hold them off alone. He already lost one company against the necromancer. He would not lose his friends too. A moment later sienna, kerillian and Salt came out of the cave. Salt was in bad shape and could barely stand on his own. MARKUS Sienna yelled. He needs you, you have to carry him, he is to heavy for us. Seeing just how badly injured Salt was he knew they would never outrun their enemy. GO sienna GO Markus yelled back. I will hold them off for as long as I can. They all looked at Markus and Markus back at them and for a moment it seemed time stood still. They all knew there was no other way and that Markus would fall to protect them. MARKUS kerillian yelled. She didn’t say anything. she just looked at him. Remember me he said, before turning around readying his sword and shield.
    A tale of courage, friendship and sacrifice. The tale of Ser Markus Kruber Written By Lohner
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I really like how a feedback post turned into fanfiction. We already have one guy posting fan fiction in the longue. You could be next? :wink:


I was pretty impressed myself but I think I’ll stick to posting idea’s :slight_smile:

Saltzpyre bounty hunter:

  • Rapier:
    – Increase the pitiful crit modifier on the alt-fire or give it back the possibility of reseting bounty hunters passive. This used to be the case, but when they fixed his unlimited weapon swap crit bug, they “fixed” this as well. Make an exception, because the alt-fire shouldn’t be a detriment to BH’s passive.

Map Editor should be introduced so that the community can provide more maps and hopefully a select few could even be sanctioned and added to the current pool of adventure maps (obviously they’d have to be lore / story friendly and be balanced).

A survival map could be added in which case there would be multiple zones in the map with different environments. Would be a last until you die sort of game mode in which case Lohner and Olyshea would use smuggling/magic to stash supplies across the different areas which encourages the group to move around. Could also be randomized art pieces to keep up the freshness - maybe some random barriers but it should definitely be possible move back and forth between zones relatively easy. Enemy spawns would actually be random with ramping spawn difficulties (initially based on set difficulty).

Elite Variants of enemies that are a tad bit larger, different skin, more stats and would be rare spawns to come across to again spice things up a bit (based on difficulty).


Floating sidebar that allows for searching for games without being in the play/seaching overlay screen. Should be possible to set up a search and move about at the same time

Escort Lohner, olesya, regular person or persons. Maybe a family living on a farm has be be evacuated and relocated. it could start out as a mission where the goal is to level an enemy encampment by sneaking in and placing barrels with explosives but as the heroes get there, the camp is void of enemies but a few stragglers. The heroes kill the remaining enemies and begin to find intel on where they have gone. It turns out they have gone to attack a nearby farm/small village. Now the mission takes a turn as the heroes has to get to the village first and then escort the villages to safety.

When doing a manual search in the game lobby adding a timer that shows how long the game as been running would be nice. I’m not a fan of joining a game that has 5 minutes left only to be disconnected by the host after the game is over when he leaves and then start over.

Enemy traps on certain maps/missions. Could implement talent with certain characters that gives the character voice lines ingame when a trap is near

first of all: they should fix the massive performance downgrade since 2.1.0

no offense but why posting ideas for a poor optimised game? you all should penetrate the dev’s to fix the game and the performance!

A new leader board for exclusive players. Once they yolo’d into a Patrol, triggered it and died there should be a way of measuring the time between the elf player going down and them hammering escape to drop. Those who record the fastest time between downing/dropping should top the board.

Always fight patrols, no matter where you are or what difficulty you’re playing on. Victory or Death. That and it’s fun and a great way to get better at the game.

I’m not saying never fight a Patrol, just don’t do it when you’re a green outline on your own in th distance.

No, that’s exactly when you do it. Assert dominance and solo it yourself.

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As long as there is no rage involved when you fail it’s as it should be.

Another fun part of it is to bet with yourself whether you’ll get kicked for it or not if in a qp.