On-Topic Wednesdays: Your biggest wish for Vermintide 2!

Continuing on, this time i ask for your most wished feature/addition/change to the game.
You can pick any topic, how absurd it might be, even if it may be a battle royal mode (still, i hope you don’t pick exactly that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Beware the restrictions:

Catch #1: Only one.
You have to choose that specific one you think would be the best of all those ideas you may have swirling around in your head.

Catch #2: Stay realistic.
Using my bad example from before, a battle royale mode would be, at least in my opinion, somewhat possible to make, as Versus might lay a cornerstone for that, starting the whole PvP thing.

Somewhat catch #3: All things allready in the works (like Versus, more classes, certainly more weapons, etc.) and most likely not in the works (like a new hero) are out of the field. At least as a general idea.
If you have something very specific in mind, like slayer doomseeker weaponry, go ahead. Although they maybe somewhat retconned with mentions only during Storm of Chaos, i still like the overall idea of them. This is not my pick, though, you can take it if you’d like. :grin:

I know this is more moderated than the last one, but my pick had been even longer and i tried to shorten it with these restrictions, so they have to count for all. :wink:
I again ask for a civil tone, to follow the good example of last week.


I’ll start with my biggest wish: More NPC’s.

In the keep, during missions, i don’t care, the more, the better. Also interactive, physically there, not like… You know who i mean. The one who thinks eating painting equipment is something a reasonable (maybe debatable) dwarf would do.

I think i mentioned it somewhere on here before, but a (more) interactive siege of Fort Brachsenbrücke would be the dream.
To spew some ideas: Clearing the cave underneath (with the elevator) could be optional (grim would have to be placed elswehere), but if you do, reinforcements would come in per boat and could use the elevator to help with the - here it comes - sortie of the remaining defenders of the unconquered half. Maybe even interact with some empire captain or nobleman, who sees you storming the middleground between the two fort-halfs.

Ach, a man can dream.

For the keep i have something in mind like ye olde Bioware titles, in particular the Normandy from Mass Effect or to be more fitting, the keep in Dragon Age: Inquisition (maybe even the heroes are and players spawn in their rooms? :blush:).
Just way more people to interact with than we currently have, to have some more RPG elements in your main hub, not for it to be, at least somewhat, the transition point you are required to go to to select a mission. At least in my case i’m very much done with crafting as well as testing and am here for the gameplay only, where the keep really feels quite empty, unused.

A quartermaster, with the benefit of giving you one item if you go to him before a mission (just a suggestion, also only one, supplies are rare), a smith who will give you - i don’t know - a 3% power boost for melee weapons (and throwing weapons :wink:) because he sharpened them, etc.
Going to them wil most likely get mandatory and i understand the implifications of that, but i hope you get my meaning, i don’t want ‘just’ NPC’s, they should also come fully kitted out. Maybe a pipe dream, but also in the realm of possibility.


As soon as I read the title I was gonna suggest pretty much the same thing.
Or similar, at least.

Just, having all the heroes not currently in use by a player, lounging around in the keep. Maybe random locations, maybe just in their room once it’s unlocked, idk. Just sitting around in some idle animation, tinkering or studying or just passing the time, and being near them could trigger the same voice lines from when two players are in the keep.

It’d give the keep some life, it’d give a reason to explore around, something.


Sync-kills in elites and bosses.

When a hero kills a Chaos Warrior or a Rat Ogre there should be some cool kill-animation.

It’d be cool to see Kruber Merc actually have the CW fall to his knees and Kruber perform an authentic executioners stroke with the sword. Or Victor pin a Mauler under his boot while proclaiming them heretic and putting a bullet in their skull. How about a slayer killing a Troll in the same manner as :53 in the video. I’d love to see Sienna place her hand against a CW chest and superheat the armour,scorching the occupant to death.



Red hats!


Our heroes helping to change the End Times and ultimately prevent Chaos from succeeding in ending the world. Being some of the pioneers of one of the directions GW has chosen to take:

Total War and Vermintide could be at the forefront of this to help relaunch and revive that direction from its current comatose state.


I would like to see this too. I’ve proposed a Battle of Middenheim mission/series of missions where the Ubersreik Five is there, in the back lines harassing the chaos armies. They won’t be fighting anywhere near the front of course. Even Kerillian with a conc pot isn’t that strong.


While adding NPCs would certainly make the world seem more alive, I don’t think we should go too far with them - it is The End Times, after all, and the more people occupy the Keep the easier it is for the enemies to find it.

As to my personal wish, it’s a focus on improving what we have rather than continually adding new stuff. There’s a lot of problems of varying significance in the game, and a lot of changes that have been asked for - and with the new features, some of those old problems have been emphasized, and other features have kind of drowned in the multitude. All of them have been discussed before (and are mentioned quite frequently) so I won’t specify this time.


Bigger community :slight_smile:

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Coughs in Eltharin

Khaine take that third catch… well, I’d love to see some kind of a story mission mode DLC, that would consist of several maps in succession with the addition of NPCs, dynamic story progression (based on your overall performance in said missions), maybe some degree of route branching for higher replayability etc.

Let’s say there would be 3-4 maps and one final event map. Imagine this scenario: A large Chaos army is marching towards X Fort/City and U5 has to complete a number of missions in an attempt to thin their numbers before the army reaches the For/City (final event mission).

Mission one: Sabotage enemy supply routes
Mission two: Destroy a bridge to slower the army’s progress
Mission three: Defend civilians while they make their way to the Fort/City
Mission four: Assault the enemy encampment at night, kill leaders/spread poison/destroy weaponry etc.
Final Mission (Fort/City siege): Defend the Fort/City - the difficulty of this mission would be based off your performance/success rate in previous missions.

Something like that yes.

Galri Asur


A “build your own combo” system where you can choose what kind of attacks your weapon performs. Either an active one where attacks are launched depending on mouse movement and specific buttons pressed, or a pre-emptive one where you can use a menue in the keep to slot your attacks the way you want which would then cicle through when you left click.


I want to see Cousin Okri or at least some interaction with a notable FRIENDLY NPC on a map.

Further I would like our group to finish off a Deamon. An actual Chosen would also be interesting!
I believe the big guy in “War Camp” was just a random leader. And I definetly second OenKrad’s Opinion.

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One wish only, those were the terms, even if your comment is very short. :wink:
Either Okri (more NPC’s), deamon (or more, interesting bosses in general), or OenKrad’s idea. You have to choose.

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Terms… or guidelines? >insert pirate laughter<
I want it ALL!


my wish is for the game to actually have stability, talents working as client, and for bugs to be fixed. otherwise the game is fine the way it is and adding kill animations or other features would just cause more problems. they are an indie company after all.

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Then I’ll pick Cousin Okri transformed into a Deamon as the Endboss of “The End Times”.
See what your harsh bounderies do to creative people like me? You break us!

In all seriousness now, I’ll pick the larger Deamon. Something more serious than a Chaos Spawn.
(Yeah, they already are quite serious, but I want more seriousness)


More items. I would say more enemies, but I think that’s coming, but something I’d like to see is more item variability within maps. Rare engineering-slot items like a Dwarf Turret a la Warhammer Online (probably not canon, but not sure if it’s explicitly ruled out . . .). Some new potions and healing items. They don’t all have to be better than what we have now; even having worse things or weirder things will mean that we, as players, will have to figure out how to utilize them to deal with difficult situations.

Beastmen banners made me think how cool it’d be if players could bring various magic banners of their own. One use items you drop and give the whole team buffs within an AoE - perfect for when you get that patrol pulled and a horde comes, or you have a boss and a horde, or in certain finales.


Rare engineering-slot items like a Dwarf Turret a la Warhammer Online

Uh uh! A deployable Organ Gun! JUST IMAGINE THE CARNAGE.

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I for one would love a proper VR Vermintide. It would be really tough to make for sure, VR combat games can be immersive but it’s really tough to make the combat itself feel good. Movement and dodging would also be challenging to implement. I think this could be done with a room scale VR setup and wireless headset, and work pretty decently. GORN is a good example, the combat in that game feels pretty good, no Vermintide but best I’ve found in VR. Anyway, the way I see it working for Vermintide is a last stand style mission but even smaller than usual so that you don’t have to move around much, similar to GORN small arena. Okay, I guess I’m basically asking for GORN but Vermintide themed and better combat.

As long as I’m dreaming, something else I have in mind is totally over the top, but have you ever heard of the warehouse sized VR setups, where all the players wear backpacks with their computer and VR headset and have full freedom of motion? Imagine Vermintide like that! It could be a super cool last stand map. Full freedom to run around, battle huge hordes, realistic dodging, man that would be a trip.

In either implementation disabler specials would need some tweaking, probably just make them special combat units instead of disablers. Although the leech would be a pretty interesting one, getting sucked in by one of those would actually be pretty terrifying and dizzying in VR…

The Stranglers could still quite well disable you (though not drag you anywhere), but it would also open up a chance for actually breaking out of their grab. Gutter Runners would probably need to be changed so that they sneak up on you and do a quick stab. Leeches would probably need to be shifted only slightly - they’d need to start their spell closer, but it wouldn’t move you.

All in all, an interesting idea…

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More NPC’s especially in the missions would be cool.
I made this pretty old post about that

I personally really dislike finisher in games. They take you out of the action only to see a cutscene that get’s boring after the second time.
Even optional finishers that you trigger by pressing a certain button, are a problem in my opinion.
I guess you would be invulnerable during the process.
That would make using finishers mandatory for everyone because they could save you in a lot of moments.

Customizable combos would very likely break the balancing.
The two handed sword for example only gets a vertical attack as pushattack which costs stanima.
This makes the weapon different to use than the executioner sword and it nerfs its anti armor capabilities.
I could simply say i want horizontal light attacks and vertikal heavy attacks and it would just be like the executioner sword.

My wish is a map editor.
Being able to build custom maps and maybe even custom gamemodes would be great.
I would try to recreate a Darkwood type gamemode in Vermintide.

Sorry that i came in here mostly to critisize other persons idears. Keep in mind this is just my opinion so it doesn’t say any idears are bad.

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