Ideas for Vermintide 3?

Several times over the years of playing this game the conversation in the party drifts over to what we would like to see in a sequel. Personally, I’d like to see what the end times were like in different parts of the world. A game based around fighting off a “green tide” of orcs and goblins for instance, would be amazing. A host of undead would be cool too. Skaven could still be in the game because they are everywhere.
Maybe a whole new take on the main characters would be cool. Perhaps we could see what Kruber, Bardin, and the rest would be if they were brought forward into the Age of Sigmar. Either they could be somehow be warped from the old world into the Age of Sigmar, or we could explore a “what if” scenario where the heroes were just born into it. Either way, I think it would be awesome to see our favorite heroes as a Stormcast Eternal, Fyreslayer, and the like, fighting a “crimson tide” of the Blood God.
What do you guys think? Do you think Fatshark is thinking about another sequel and do you have any ideas on what you’d like to see?


They should probably finish the 2nd game first…


Unfinished? What else would you like to see? I for one have pulverized everything in this game for probably 1500 hours or so.

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I mean, you don’t have to scroll far through these forums to find hundreds of raised issues that have never been addressed. Heck there are still some buggy talents, and ones that don’t match the description.

There are a number of bugs and enemy ai issues that, again have been at most acknowledged.

Deeds still have the worst system imaginable to acquire them (a major community issue basically from day 1).

Weaves are still largely dead in the water, and Lohner’s Emporium is progressing at a glacial pace. We’ve had no more weapon rebalances in a long time (meanwhile a couple of modders vastly improved most if not all of the underperforming weapons).

Then there’s the whole can of worms that is matchmaking. As a side note, I’m pretty sure a “retry level/next level” option was in V1 at the end of a level, so not sure why we’ve gone backwards here.

Anyway I wouldn’t personally call the game “unfinished”, but it’s about as far from polished as imaginable while still feeling “complete”. In general FS has a long history of adding more and more half baked elements, without really following through properly on the parts they’ve already added.


Man, you guys are killin me. How about the topic? What would you like to see in the next iteration of this game?


Sorry bro, but you literally did ask. The reason nobody is answering about V3, is FS said they plan to focus on V2 for up to a decade, so nobody is expecting V3 in less than 5 years. That’s way too far in the future to be worth talking about. With any luck V2 will still develop significantly in its remaining life, which will likely change the vision people have for V3 accordingly.

TL;DR It’s too far in the future for anyone to think about, soz.

No more mayflies. We need a full squad of Elven gods and of course, Genevieve Dieudonné as a playable character.


So what kind of elven god do we classify Genevieve as? :thinking:


I’m going to suggest something radical, and that is that the Ü5 dies at the end of VT2 and in VT3 we can create customized characters.

The reason for this is that the lore for the characters is fairly thin and with the loss of the lore pages, we can’t really get to learn more lore anyway. Only the banter remains and even that I think could be solved.

What I propose is that we simply pick species, career and personality (for the banter) from a rooster, which can be expanded by with DLC,s and then start to play. I like the Ü5 but unless they get more screen time as characters I am seeing less reason to play a pre-created character as opposed to create a character myself.

And most importantly, with customization there could be new species, careers, weapons and stuff regularly released to keep giving the players new stuff to play with; like new types of wizards, Bretonnians and so on.

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Vermintide 3 will feature 4 main play modes:

Playmode for Order

where you play as the Ubersreik 6 - a Warrior Priest with HoT group healing joins the mix

Playmode for Chaos/Destruction -

where you also play as 6 villains/races - Native of Norsca (Chaos), A dark elf, 2 Skaven, A Greenskin and a beastman. They all hate each other - but they realize a common threat - the Ubersreik 5. The enemy of my enemy is my…acquaintance.

Endless Onslaught Mode

  • A horde/survival mode, where an onslaught of mobs just keep coming at you in an arena like area i.e. The circular area in Righteous stand right b4 u take the lift, or the summoning pit in convocation of decay. Think of Gears Of War Horde mode. Each wave ends when all enemies are dead and you get “items” to prepare for the next wave. It’s weaves of magic essentially, but lean, stripped down and str8 forward. Waves vary. One could be a specific arch-type or race i.e. 20 plague monks. Every 10 waves is a boss - maybe with some modifier i.e. Chaos spawn drains 2x health when if he grabs you, or You get 2 minautors, etc…

Arcade Mode -

No fluff, No dialogue between the Ubersreik 5(6) and no progression - you just go in, play a level and you can have class overlap i.e. play as all shade or all Iron breaker etc.

Breaking lore here, but this would make this game my favorite of all time. I especially would relish the idea of playing as a Chaos Warrior - be slow as hell, but be this heavy unit that destroys everything in my path.


I would like to see an real story mode. There is a mod where you can play the whole story after each other and everything progresses over, like hp, ammo, items etc. It’s a bit like deep rock where you have to play 3 levels after each other.

Another thing i would like to see, (it would probably not be fun). A gamemode where you don’t get ammo drops or potion drops, and you only get healing and ammo before you enter final boss or event. (Ofc make it so rv doesn’t work, would break the career iknow, but in a alternative universe where rv got a rework :p)


Warrior priest was OP in warhammer online. I really liked the dwarf engineer too. I feel like the personality of the characters is the main benefit of having them premade. If the banter was just as good as it is now, I guess creating a unique character would be good.


Storymode would be great but I’d prefer cutscene between the missions so we know how things develop and the missions are tied together into a larger story.


I dunno, I thought it would always be fun if we could play as a pack of Empire soldiers (maybe an empire knight, a squire, a handgunner, and some tasteful imperials, IDK) where you only have powder weapons and they pack a punch. Like, room-clearing weapons of awesomeness. Rifles gib bad-guys, shotguns clear rooms, grenades are powerful, but it all comes at the cost of never getting a refill on ammunition. Ever.

Not that melee doesn’t also do the trick, simply thought it would be fun to see some awesome powder weapons :smiley: for like a one-shot mission or something

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My idea for this was too make ranged weapons less spammy and make them require more headshots or choose between meleeing or ranging certain specials to conserve ammo. It would add a bit more challenge but ofcourse sienna would still exist and bolt staff, so in reality it would just push players toward a fixed composition, but it could be done in different ways to circumvent that.

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Weapon Stances - allowing player to toggle to different swing patterns (sweeps, headshots, hybrid)

More Weapons - Since it’s V3 players now get an extra weapon slot for either melee or range.

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Mate, you already have a thread consisting of 6 of your own posts. Maybe stop shoving it into other topics as well?

At this point, we can all agree on what we don’t want to see in the next game - the same things we don’t like about this one - bugs, stupid grind, 10y.o. user experience experts, devs that can’t use branches in git etc.
I personally have never had any real issues with the actual game design - I don’t really want new characters, careers, gоddamn hats etc - I just wish we could all play this game like it was envisioned in the first place - smooth, visceral, and satisfying without the whole host of ridiculous bugs that just won’t go.


Sorry for post advertising! I felt passionate about sharing these ideas, and hadn’t got any response yet. Thanks for response though!

The bugs actually havn’t bothered me tbh. I’m more concerned with lore and story, and game novelty myself. I know what you mean though. Heard complaints of working out bugs before.