The future of the vermintide plotline

So most of the dlc storys have been those of villains of the week that dont really continue the story or give us a new big bad villain that is here to stay for long ( not that its been a bad thing i am happy with the story so far) or here to continue the invasion that is the vermintide.
So what could be the future for the games story ? What do u guys think could be the next long term threat for the empire and world of mankind at large in the game ?

Forgot to say that before the pactsworn had an actual plan the skittergate but now it seems just like random stuff with no overarching goal with a figure giving the orders with a purpose.

i hope we will get some more undead lore and maybe some undead enemies with undead lord to defeat :smiley: the necro already set the stage for this and the timeline of the lore fits the timeline of the game as well for more undeads :wink:

I’m curious when they’d do a sequel and if they’d do another Waylaid map like last time .

Waylaid was unambiguously one of my favorite maps, not just in terms of narrative, but also overall map design.

For once I just want to hear a full in title drop.

<The Ubersreik 5 faces off against a sea of Skaven>

Saltzpyre: “By Sigmar! This is truly our finest hour!”

Kruber: “That’s right sir! But don’t forget this is also The End Times, Vermintide too!”

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Sequel definitely not coming for years into the future since darktide still needs more content and stuff.
Honestly gameplay wise i dont know what they could change, improve or had to the v2 formula to make a sequel worth it because if its just visual and story changes it wouldnt be enough.

Honestly I would prefer the game to end with a doomed end (Kinda like Halo Reach) and not have the next game be with the U5 (And ideally having a new tide faction, either Greenskin, unless they get used for a 40k game; or Undead, with the Dreadfleet).

Someone said long ago the current engine can’t handle adding more new Factions which is why we’re stuck with only 3

A new game could feasibly try to address that. I wanna see Greenskin, Tomb kings, vampire counts, and chaos marauders besides Nurgle’s.

I also wouldn’t mind a change in characters to something more player made, so rather than Sienna the bright wizard, it can be a player made high Elf mage who can use different winds of magic. I really want to see Fat Sharks take on beast magic.

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I get you but myself I am skeptical about player created characters. I vastly prefer vermintide cast over anything I’ve seen in Darktide.
I just can’t picture how that could be anywhere near the same level in terms of narrative and quality.


I think for a 40k game with the narrative they took they had to have player made character, but for a fantasy game I think it’s much better to have them be set defined character (at the cost of no stacking ones).

But at the same time, I would prefer them to do a new group, that way we can see different things.

For example an Elf Mage would be able to have career or weapons set on any of the winds with a common heat system (Maybe renaming the Heat system into “Aetheric Storm”). But would have a set personality.

In the same game I don’t think it would work.

Tomb King and VCount could work at once, either with a tide from Nagash or with the Dreadfleet.

Greenskin I think will be kept for a 40k game tbh.

As for other Chaos Warrior, I would honestly prefer to see them as the player side, against tides of Lizardmen

What narrative? :smiley:

I love the original cast and would be sad to “see them go”, but yeah. I wouldn’t actually mind spinoff with different baddies and heroes at all.
Delving into the Nehekharan tombs sounds bloody awesome and I could easily see it be somewhat procedurally generated for better replayability.

Nameless mooks that the rejects are.

Pay Day but Warhammer Fantasy with TK could work, would still prefer a normal Tide game about the Dreadfleet for the Pirate aesthetic and being able to mix more hordes

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind either.
Even as a devout Sigmarite one could say, I adore the aesthetics of both TKs and vampirates.

Oh That is interesting!

Maybe a never-ending horde mission (with a leaderboard) and the “finish” to the mission is the team dying.

Personally, I would like a V3 in Lustria.

I do think they have a great start into Necromancy and the Undead. Anything that adds more dread and darkness and gloom for the cheery bunch works for me.

The vermintide series could use some more spooks for sure u can never have enough grim dark after all

While I would love a Tide game in Lustria, I really don’t want it to be attached to VT. Like Lustria → Lizardmen → Chaos Warrior Player :heart_eyes:

Yea, the U5 killing skinks and saurus with kroxigars seems a little too ordertide focused and I’m not sure who would ally with the lizards to fight us? Maybe dark elfs? Feral lizards tamed by the beastmaster could be interesting.

I feel like FS moving away from the U5 cast would be a huge letdown to fans, seeing how the custom characters in Darktide backfired. The big question is the long term strategy for the game, they took a corporate approach to monetization with Darktide and I feel the grim dark pressure from whoever they have to pitch these funding strategies too will taint any sequels going forward. But I digress.

The only other string I can try to tie is that the lizardmen roster is similar to tyranids. I can see Skinks and Termagants having the same animations, along with saurus and Warriors and Darktide has had whispers of the bugs for potential new assets.

The only faction that could ally up with the Lizardmen for me would be the Amazonian, or just go full on with the Lizardmen.

But at the same time it would be alright if it come with a good closure for the U5 (Not good as in good ends for them, just good as in well written). Like there isn’t much more that can be done with the U5, like we’ve explored plenty with them, at least as a Tide group. I would instead welcome any of the following end:

  • AoS Miniature: Either dispatched to various factions, made into a Regiment of Renown, or as an Underworld team, or all of them (As their Prem. career most likely)
  • Spin Off: Making a game with the U5, but not as a Tide game, maybe like the Gauntlet game
  • Warhammer + Series: A good full on animated mini series.

You mean the Premium shop ? And not selling content ? Like they could have done the same with set characters, heck that’s what they’ve been doing since quite a while with VT2 (Prem skin and free content)

The Prem shop is there cause they don’t want to sell map dlc, they don’t know if they will sell archetypes or branches, weapons…
And they have servers to maintain (Though they are for certain region currently lacking.

Shape wise the LM would be somewhat like Skaven, also no GSC in Darktide, only conjecture

For 40k I prefer the no set character, for fantasy I prefer set character.
Even at the cost of no stacking characters. But I really want us to have a new start, a new team


Lizard tide:
  • Khornate Brass Sister
  • Nurglite Plague Knight
  • Slaaneshi Druchii Anointed
  • Tzeentchian Magus
  • Skaven Hero (With different careers going for different Clans) or Beastman Hero
  • Swordfysh: Either a Sartosan Pirate, Manaan Priest or an Ogre
  • Heldenhammer: Anything from the Empire, though either more knightly or Templar (Not a Magister)
  • Seadrake: Elven Navy, either a Sea Helm or some sort of Mage (Would be ideal to be able to set up with different Wind of Magic
  • Grimnir’s Thunder: Hedda Bardinsdottir, with it being a Prequel to VT2, but happening roughly at the same time as VT1
  • Flaming Scimitar: An Araby Character, could also be an Ogre as part of it’s crew are Ogre. Could also be an Elementalist

Either the Swordfysh person or the Heldenhammer would also have a link to the U5 via Lohner, most perfectly I would have them be someone who was part of the Grudgebearer along side Lhoner, like Boris von Raukov as Hedda say in one of her journal that she know Lohner from a common acquaintance

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Darktide didn’t backfire because of custom characters, in fact that’s one of the few good things about it

Darktide backfired because the whole damn game is a mess. Lack of competent bots, mobile game practices, lack of careers on launch, and an even worse narrative structure behind the levels somehow…


That actually might even be the reason why I just didn’t mesh with the darktide cast of merchant NPCs and player characters now that I think on it. Guess I’ll have to see if the update to narrative changes my mind on them, should it ever come.
For now I still prefer Vermintide character focus.

Yuck, why would you want to kill Lizardmen? I’d rather play as one, they have neat weapon options and are giant freaking dinosaurs.

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