Keep customization

This has been mentioned here on the forums and on the Reddit as well. The idea is to make the keep a cozy customizable place of your own. Not just pictures on the walls, but possibly many other assets. How about fixing the roof, or putting some nice Estalian furniture in the rooms? You want to have a stuffed Minotaur in the central hall? Maybe some barrels of Bugmans XXXX or some Bretonnian vine in the cellar?

I guess that some people will dislike this idea. And to be honest, I’d rather have Fatshark working on some other more important stuff than this. But let’s say that this would come after all the important things, maybe in a year or two. Let’s theorycraft and bounce ideas and concepts a little bit :blush:

Go ahead, write your ideas and suggestions for Keep customization.

Off the top of my head…

  • Keep restoration - Roof and wall repairing

  • Small and personal memento type decorations - Medals, books, scrolls, heraldry, shields, armors

  • Enemy trophies: Monster heads on the walls and similar stuff.

  • A common room with a fireplace


We’ve been asking for this the whole year and eventualy got only paintings for frames that was already in game. As much as would want to see your suggestion in game, i don’t think we’ll ever see something like this.

The overall feeling that I have is that Fatshark is practically overwhelmed by this game, thus a lot of things are currently on hold.
CEO Martin had said during the stream last week that they like the idea of keep customization. I was skeptical about a lot of things, but now when we are getting a 3rd enemy faction… Well my skepticism is definitely lower :slight_smile:

I think that’s pretty much it. Compared to VT1, VT2 is huge, with double the enemies, several bosses (of both varieties), three variants of each character, special abilities for each of them… and then its popularity exploded. I’d say they originally bit off somewhat more than they could chew, and that’s behind a lot of the problems with the game.

Now they’ve managed to squash most of the bugs, and particularly the worst ones (though that depends on who you ask, really). They’ve gotten the balance into a better place (but not perfect). They’ve also gotten out more content for us, in several forms. And more’s coming. They’ve listened to our complaints, changed the game according to several of them and addressed a few more (even if it’s only been a side mention on a stream). And they’ve gotten more manpower in their company during it all, meaning that slowly but surely everything’s getting better.

I’m not perfectly certain about this, but I think there was a mention on a stream that Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders would be a good way to implement more keep customization too, in addition to hunting for certain cosmetics or more paintings. I think it certainly could be used as a platform for that, as otherwise a separate implementation for earning just about anything would be needed.


Monday stream, I believe. On topic of the state of the keep. It’s in the box of ideas but everything else has taken priority is how I understood it (Martin commented).


If they do not scale up their ambitions to release content in a timely manner it will be too little too late.

Martin (CEO) said on first anniversary stream that their ambitions were high at the beginning with content release. They had to slow down, because the game was butchered with bugs with getting rid of more bugs hopefully we will have more regular content releases :slight_smile: