Keep Customisation - Keep Illusions

By looking deep into their memories, Olesya was able to reconstruct places they had visited, down to the minute detail. These memories were essentially copied, and stored in one of her crystal balls, one that she keeps next to her workbench.

One of Fatshark’s greatest assets is their map building, especially so within cities and dungeons.
There are many maps in VT1 that I would like to revisit, just to take it all in again.
And by using the concept of shadow magic illusions, we (you, Fatshark willing) could do to make the keep a more fun place to be.

As explained in the intro, Keep Illusions would be key places that the Ubersreik 5 have already visited, placed upon the keep as a memento or a decoration. I guess they could even be unlockables in the future, if the idea gets enough traction.
By placing your hand on the crystall ball, you can sift through these areas and completely alter the layout of the keep to these areas instead, allowing players to pick their hearth and home where they best enjoy it. They would, for obvious reasons, be isolated areas sans enemies.

I have a list of places I would like to see as Keep Illusions, feel free to add more if you like this idea;

  • The Red Moon Inn
  • Schlüsselschloss
  • Von Jungfreudsplatz (Ubersreik Plaza)
  • Khazid Kro town/residential area (Area with the Valaya statue)
  • Well Watch
  • Supply and Demand farm
  • Castle Drachenfels banquet room
  • Literally anywhere in Stromdorf :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There’s a lot that could be done with the keep - repairs, customization beyond paintings, activities, additional NPCs, etc. - before venturing into other visuals instead.

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I don’t see any reason why there should be an either or.
I know Fatshark isn’t the best at juggling many balls at once, but that shouldn’t stop people from making wishes, nor Fatshark from trying to juggle those balls.
Fatshark isn’t a small indie company, you know.

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I’d pay monays to return to Khazid Kro :cry:


Same :blush:

Seems people don’t seem to be interested though.

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This sounds really great! Not sure about the technical aspects of it, such as how hard it would be to implement or what it may affect when connecting to others’ hubs and such, but I like the idea. I hadn’t considered using other maps rather than the Keep. Usually suggestions of this nature are asking to merely let us choose the event-themed Keeps, which honestly we’d be lucky to even get that added in.

I do like most of your suggested locations too. The only places I can think of I’d like to see are Fort Brachsenbrücke (the fort itself, finale area) and just about anywhere from The Wizard’s Tower (bonus points if it’s the illusion room that appears different for everyone).

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Oooooo I had forgotten about the Wizard’s illusion room! Excellent suggestion!

I think if they implement the Keep Illusions, the event-themed keep illusions could be bought with shillings during the events or unlocked through a special event quest.

The Wizard’s Tower is probably the coolest level in either game. Also, hiding a secret puzzle to access a secret level was a really cool idea and the secret map was intense. Another favorite of mine is also from VT1, which was River Reik. I loved fighting on the boats and how this ominous approach of the Skaven on their vessels as they rammed into you. That part of the map is what really made it. If some of the maps Fatshark has created are any indication, they could definitely make some really nice stuff for the Keep.

I had always thought that making the Keep bigger than necessary was a wise idea, because it gives them plenty of room for expansion. Such as when they added Winds of Magic and the secret room/tower.

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