Franz Lohner and Olesya Pimenova

Hey, Fatshark, got a bit of a troubling one for you. (wink wink)
I wonder, where do they both sleep? With even a non-physical character getting her own room in the keep, where’s their bedstead? Or are they the only ones that lock their doors and we can’t access their rooms because of that?

Asking for a friend.


In the same room, of course. I ship it. :wink:

In all seriousness, in VT1 they slept underneath the inn in a room we didn’t see until the very end of the game, I’d imagine they have a similar arrangement in the Keep, and maybe not in such close quarters since the Keep is so large. Maybe in the tower or behind other doors we can’t open yet.


HERES-. Wait that’s actually ok. Weird and unfitting but I could tolerate that.
I wonder where they will put in the old quotes from Lohner and Olesya (those specific quotes before/after specific missions)

Here is a Witchhunter Bronn btw.


There is a room upstairs near the Ubersriek banners (upper right side of keep when facing map). It belongs to no one and has an extra large bed :wink: