Keep feels empty

I miss the tavern. Jolly good tragic times were being had, but the tavern had a good feeling of dungeons and dragons, the ale, the fireplace, the joyous lightning. Keep has white lightning and the hub doesn’t feel like a place I wanna stay in for 2 long, whereas the tavern, I felt like idling there while talking to friends. Bring a bar to the keep! So we can hang there.

BTW: Lohner and Olesya need chairs near them. I mean they can’t even sit down while we’re off on missions? Olesya’s got her years! Give an old lady a chair.

PS: The central hub… It needs something. It feels weird having 4 heroes stand in an empty hall, with Lohner’s table to a side. At first at least the heroes have their tents, so it’s like a gathering… But when you unlock the rooms, the tents dissapear. Even emptier.


Your unused heroes should roam the keep, having random chat with each other, sleeping in their rooms when its night.

We need Mass Effect: Vermintide :stuck_out_tongue:.

We need a giant Vermintide™ pachinko machine in the central hub that we can put our dust into for prizes.

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but i mean the tavern was good for real talk with ppl it was a nice enviroment i dont feel like talking with my friends in discord while waiting in the keep…


oh yes. please revisit the kruber elf ship, kthx!

maybe we should earn decoration and stuff for the keep :thinking:

Isnt this a thing? idk but i see a lot of empty portraits, I suppose they will implement something for those

I liked the much smaller tavern more as well, but I wouldn’t expect this to change.