Full map complition rewards?

V1 used to have banners for the tavern, indicating that the host has fully complited the game on a certain difficulty. I wonder if such cosmetics exist in V2’s keep ? I haven’t seen any changes to mine, having fully complited the game on vet. It’s not a big deal, but I really like the keep progression idea, would be sad if such an aspect as map complition had no visual marks on your merry little hidie hole. :european_castle:

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You can notice all those frames on walls and basically whole keep is empty, I think there is something yet to come … and I also hope something will come. :confused:

During the Beta the frames on the walls were interactable, and you could cycle through artwork to place there. I’m sure they will be adding additional home-base cosmetic things in the future.


I have a theory, that DLCs will add new rooms to the keep, the one’s currently locked. I feel it would make sence. The other theory is that unlike V1, :v2: rewards you not for the complition of the map on a said difficulty but for maxing (reaching lvl 30) with all the characters. It’s a fact that each character gets it’s own room at lvl 10 + the forge gets more complex with each high lvl character you own. I wonder if there is a change to the keep once you get the “Pantheon of heroes” achievement (maxing 5/5). Got 2,5 more characters to go before I get that answer myself. :sweat_smile:

:man_facepalming: I truly hope that your theory proves wrong because that is horrid. Also, I just love how you guys just glide over the fact that the game doesn’t even have any satisfactory ending. Great job :laughing:

don’t know bout u but the ending escape for skittergate is pretty epic to me.

I dont really care about the ending or whatever, but I was hoping for some big explosion or something and there is only lots of shaking and then just rocks fall on it. :smirk:

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