I wish the keep could stay the way it is now

The green vines, the music, the birds singing, it is just so idyllic, a welcome reprieve from battle.


I had the same feeling about the previous one as well. Though, I do like how we’re getting different themes based on different events. I’m left wondering if we’ll have Halloween, winter solstice, etc. themes and what they’ll be like.

It’d be sick if the you could pick your preferred look and maintain it whilst playing as host, otherwise other people could use their preferred version when hosting.


^+ to making the themes selectable like portrait frames and cosmetics :slight_smile:

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had exactly the same thought :smiley:

i will be TREMENDOUSLY sad when the fiddle music goes away =(

it’s awesome.


Chaos invasion, destroyed cities, enslaving, murdering.

You should be sad.

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i can kill chaos by the thousands, rebuild cities, free captives and avenge the fallen all day long, but… you can’t make a bard with wanderlust stay forever.

Would love it if Keep themes coudl stay, that would be a really cool reward for participating in these events.

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yea, as other people said. Would be cool if you could unlock different keep themes, maybe from doing so many champ/legend games or something during the event.

I’m still hoping they add in a castle defense for the keep xD Surviving waves of specials/bosses and hordes

i’m pretty damn sure they’re saving it for the finale mission that will be added just as they are gonna release vermintide 3!

But first they should work on fully releasing vt 2 D:

It’s funny that they still advertise the keep decorations as if it was one of the games features just like mod support and dedicated servers (I don’t care if they are coming soon they can advertise it when it’s implemented).


We get a lovely collectible picture frame to hold the memories of the occasion. All the new goons can say ‘what is that, how do you get that’, and we proud originals can wink at each other and say ‘I was there’.