[Suggestion] Keep evolution

I like the fact that when a player reaches lvl 10 on a character, their makeshift beds switch to a proper room somewhere in the keep, I like the banners and the trophy room ; and I like the paintings.

I’d like to have more of those changes reflecting advancement and achievements : cleaner rooms when level 30 or 35, full book runs should fill the many empty bookcases, the common spaces could get neater with conditions such as “all characters are level 30” or “completed all missions on all classes”, armor stands in the rooms with the black & gold hero skins ; things like that.

I really like multiplayer hubs that convey such dedication, and I think the keep in Vermintide 2 is a perfect example of one that would fit perfectly.

Cheers !


I agree with you. I was also very happy when I suddenly found out my Bardin had a proper room!
I instantly started leveling the characters to at least 10 so that their messy beds are gone from the keep! What I would love is the heroes, which are not yet occupied to be idle and do some idle stuff around the keep… Would make the keep more “alive”.

Well on the other side, you should be doing missions instead of hanging around in the keep.


I, too, would love to see a few more ongoing evolutions to the keep. The banners for completing the game on difficulties is great, the weapons for each boss monster in the armory is amazing, all of it feels… fulfilling.

I think the book-runs filling bookshelves would be a wonderful touch… so long as what we’re filling is tomes and not Grims. Grims would need to be burnt by the hottest fires Sienna can produce… and always under the watchful eye of Saltzpyre.


I love all of these ideas. Would be very happy to see it all implemented! My only counterpoint: It’s not a priority I’d personally like to see FS’s spent effort on first. (There’ve been entire topics on what people would like that to be instead, but that’s not the point right now.) Nevertheless, these things would be soooo cool to have!


In addition, It’d be nice to see the in-game collectibles somewhere around the keep or in the trophy room : the Empty Flask of Wandering souls, the Skull of Eisenfaust and maybe a Chalice from the latest Drachenfels map, a complete journal if we have all the pages from Blood in the darkness ; the Gutter Runner’s stash in Horn of Magnus, the Dragonbane gem from Engines of war, the pendant from Dark omens, etc…
Just visual indications of a player’s achievements :slight_smile:


I agree, Oleysia and Lohner are already there, the others could be in their room, Saltzpyre dissecting a rat with a lab coat and gloves on would be an interesting sight XD

I’m also thinking : why not spend shillings (or another currency) to repair parts of the keep ? I really don’t like the holes in the floor of the trophy room for instance, but there are many places where it could look better !
Could also be room unlocks, since there are many unused doors.

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These are all awesome ideas. I think you could have something to indicate the weapons, illusions, cosmetics you have unlocked also.

I like the idea of the tomes filling bookshelves bit what about after you level to 35 on a character, the extra levels should do something. Maybe you could make the room of your characters feel really lived in. I have a ton of levels in sienna but idk how many because it isn’t important currently similar to the kill counter mod (which should be added to base game) what if your levels gave you a random cosmetic thing to your most used weapon or hat?

What if you could read the tomes? What if there were a room for burning the grins or if they were in a force field being destroyed slowly to give some effect in the keep? Why do we even get the tomes and grins?

What if we could unlock things around the keep to then unlock new games to play between the characters? Dice/cards/darts/etc/drinking games I like the idea of slings being used to upgrade the keep.

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