Keep feedback

I think the keep would feel more lived in if all the available characters were in there rooms doing something like reading a book, walking around, maintaining weapons ect. It would be nice if you could talk to them as well and get some interesting dialogue like you can with Lohner and Olesya. What do people think about that, and are there any other suggestions to make the keep feel more like a lived in home?


Really like this idea, considering how big the keep is it feels pretty empty/superfluous.


This sounds amazing. Would be pretty simple too for starters they could just make any character who isn’t taken by a human in the lobby be an NPC hanging out in their room.


I think the closed dungeon door in saltzpyres room should make noises as well, like something is trapped in there, any good ideas to improve the other characters rooms or keep in general?

The keep looks unfinished and unfurnished, which I kinda like because all our heroes only just showed up there, it makes sense that they haven’t exactly settled in yet. I’m hoping that as time goes by the keep gets more finish and detail and life to it. I really want to know what’s in that big chained up chest in Kruber’s room…

He has a Grimoire hidden in there, obviously.


That’s a great idea, i also wish they implemented a " pub brawl" system as in vermintide 1, were you were able to fight your teammates while waiting for the match to start


Ya Lohner could get a make shift bar and server the drinks for the pub brawl, that was one of my favourite things in v1

I was wanting this as well. I want it even more now that they added interactive banter between characters when they’re in the keep. It’s currently not possible to listen to the dialogue if you’re by yourself and meeting people via quick play goes too fast for voice lines to start playing between characters. I like how they designed the keep in such a way that they can expand upon it in time. Learning more about the relationships of the characters and about the characters themselves is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game for me. It adds more depth too. I don’t know the complexity of adding the characters to the keep and giving them behavior patterns, but it’d be something I think would add a lot to the game.

I could go for a few more training dummies. Maybe for a total of 4-5 armored and 5 unarmored?

Potions that respawn, as they currently do not.

Bombs that respawn, as they currently do not.

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Those are great ideas, I find my self wanting to test a weapons cleavage on multiple dummies (more then three of a kind) or seeing how much damage I can do with a strength pot and different weapons or even try alts out a few times. And I’d never say no to a new jumping puzzle or two

considering the keep grows as you level each hero to 10(?) I reckon they may hopefully expand upon the keep some more in the future, I’ve noticed some doors allow ranged weapons to shoot through them so perhaps there may be stuff in there in the distant future but who knows I’m not very good at speculations haha.

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OenKard put it nicely, I can see them adding more to the keep in a dlc in the future. It will be nice when we get keep decorations as well, like in v1 it was a great challenge to get the cataclysm flags for ubersreik and all the dlc. I’d love to see keep decisions for other things like certain achievements or maybe some milestones as well. What decorations would people like to see and would you want any for achievements/milestones? Do you think milestones like enemy’s kills, bosses killed, levels completed, heroes rescued or stuff like that would add to the game? If so what decoration ideas do people have for them? The keep is very large and has room to grow so I think you could fit a lot of stuff in there without it feeling like an over stuffed pawn shop, any one got ideas?

@Fatshark_Hedge I’m not to sure what map editing tools are available right now but the Skull Throne Keep looked great, I can only imagine what sort of designs the community would come up with if they had the tools. It might be a good idea to have a competition were with a given theme, people from the community with map editing tools make and submit there keep event designs. The winner with the most popular keep design would make it in to the game as an event.

Not sure if this idea is possible or not but it would be nice to see what people can do with the keep.

Any similar ideas out there?

It’s absolutely the kind of thing we plan on doing when the tools are available to all. We’re moving close to the next step in this process so watch this space!


I’m still waiting for a Kerillian shower mod…

Did you and Hedge just necro this thread?

Kinda excited for Keep updates though. Hedge, please tell me my dreams are true and there is going to be a keep survival mode? Surviving waves of hordes and specials, pls pls pls


That’s a great idea.

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