Give us a home, please (a Keep anal.)

(Oh boy, this is gonna be a big one. I posted this originally on the last page of the closed beta application, but wanted to add more here. Also wanted to hear from you guys!)

Fatshark. Thank you for the improvements and your hard work and the upcoming, highly anticipated expansion. I wanted to say all that before I started yelling.

Coziness isn’t always a necessity, but it’d be appreciated especially when my friends and I spend 3/4 of our time waiting in the Keep.

Or in other words… give us more than just an hourglass to tip.

Add more interactivity to the Keep:

  • Bring pub brawl back (duh, and give Lohner a new bar for the heroes to drink at!)
  • Endless potions and bombs (can’t really test things out if there’s only one of everything)
  • The Infernal Water Wheel (LET US RUN ON IT FOR SIGMAR’S SAKE)
  • Why are there so many skulls
  • More of a personal preference, but maaaaaybe some lines for the heroes’ quarters (I really just want to hear Saltzpyre yell ‘GET OUT OF MY ROOM!’)
  • Lemme cut the grass next to Barden’s room
  • I wanna break the jars and other glass thingies from within the Keep instead of them giving a wood impact effect
  • Why are the skulls human
  • Give us a big ol map we can select levels from and not the same piece of parchment also found on Lohner’s table that doesn’t even encompass anything at all (the dlc selection screen is fancy, I suppose, but everything else is boring)
  • Give us a third person camera in the Keep so we can look at our fashionable butts and check out how our glams work with animation
  • Why isn’t anyone talking about the skulls
  • I demand a REAL chandelier that we can hit and even have little Bardin JUMP on. I’m already imagining the balancing acts during pub brawls.
  • But seriously, I love me some Jesper Kyd goodness (and maybe bardin’s songbook?)
  • (this is stretching it) but a chalk board that everyone could draw on… and stuff…
  • Let the doors respawn (really the current only highlight of returning to the Keep)
  • I don’t even know what a rat skull looks like, I mean come on
  • Okay, here’s a big one that only an idiot like myself could think of and relates to the chalkboard idea; a lot of walls are barren. What if players (and you can choose who) could leave a little message on specific bricks. Like the charity stickers with names on them that you see at fast food joints (or messages in dark souls). I have met some really memorable people while playing (I know I could just add them) but what better way to commemorate some random bloke than allowing them to write phallic phrases on your house walls? There doesn’t have to be text that you could literally read on the 3d model, maybe just the same visual but if you interacted with it, you would get a small screen that said something like ‘thanks for the tank!’ or ‘bardinarmhairxxx was here.’
  • (LordRhinark) More variations of practice dummies; suggested a Chaos warrior beefy subtype and smaller, more frail dummies as well as an unlimited stash of all dummies
  • (Winthiefow) I completely forgot about the possibility of seeing characters not being played appear in their respective rooms (as NPCs). These are some of my most favorite characters in any video game or narrative, I wanna annoy them endlessly in their habitats.

Maybe in the future:

  • The Keep could become an INN for wanderers also trying to help prevent the world from ending. Seems weird we hardly hear about the endeavors of others (except that the funking Bretonnia knights are fighting amongst themselves for the fifteenth funking time). They could pop in and fill some of those locked rooms and provide maybe hints for tomes and grims (or we can all just look them up like we already do, funk it)
  • The Keep’s location could be compromised and in a last minute decision, Olesya could warp the entire place somewhere else (instead of the side of a mountain, maybe an island or somewhere underground; probably more of a vermintide 3 thing wink wink awww wait imagine if it just happened in the background while you were lobbying, like a little rat pokes his head over a cliff and Olesya and Lohner start to freak out and the place starts to shake, it’d be like an amusement park ride)

NOTE: I know nothing of warhammer lore or how spells work so this is me just thinking things that sound cool

(other side note: I love the idea of the banners filling the top of the keep, can’t wait to see more dlc released and the entire place covered in cloth)

(o.o.s.n: I’ll be adding more depending on user suggestion, I have tons more I could add, but it seems I’ve already flooded it. I get excited yo)

(o.o.o.s.n: I had no idea profanity was not allowed for the forums for an M rated game (explains all the funky changes). Whoopsies)

Gosh I want to be part of the discussion so bad, but I’m still awaiting approval for all my posts, I’m guessing its because I’m new huh :upside_down_face:


A bar, much like the one in Deep Rock Galactic, would be great. Could even borrow the idea of the drinks giving buffs. A jukebox (or some Warhammer Fantasy equivalent) that you could select in-game soundtrack on would also be cool.

I definitely agree on having infinite potions and bombs in the keep. More target dummies would also be great, like a Chaos Warrior dummy, or a bunch of smaller Skavenslave dummies.

The reason why there’s so many skulls is because of the rampant skull fetish that the Empire has. It’s even more prevalent in WH40K with the Imperium of Man, where it’s weirder to see something without skulls on it, than to see something with skulls on it. Their guns have skulls on them, their thrones have skulls on them, they even have floating skull drones that perform tasks for them. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Emperor had a mug made out of a skull.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with the current mission selection screen, but I do miss the old map from Vermintide 1 a bit.

Definitely agree on third person view. I think “Inspect Character” should be a toggle, not something you have to hold down.

I don’t think chalk boards were invented in Warhammer Fantasy, nor do I see a real use for it except dicking around.

I like the idea of the “charity brick stickers”, but it might be a bit complicated to implement. Would it only show the host’s bricks, or everyone in the party’s bricks?

I’d love for some actual NPCs to visit the keep now and then. They could be refugees from Helmgart, soldiers who’ve stopped by to rest before marching to war, etc. etc.

I seriously doubt the Keep will ever change location, but I do think they might do some kind of invasion event where the Pact-Sworn find out the location and we have to fight them, like they did with the Red Moon Inn in the first game.


I’d love to see a bar, music as well, infinite potion, more dummies, and I’m all for the inspect character being a toggle IN THE KEEP.

Other than that, I liked the old map too, but I’m really ok with the actual mission select. And about NPC, I’m not sure if I want a lot of random people going though my keep, but yeah seeing we got a forge and a small farm, one of two workers (people we saved from Against the Grain for exemple) would be lovely. And of course, the eternal one, add the U5 as nps in their room, please <3


Once again i’m fascinated by our community, those are briliant ideas and would love to see them implemented to game. I met a lot of good people in game and I liked the idea of leaving messages in keep the most, I think you are right and we need more interactable toys in our new home!
(I’m fine with skulls btw, don’t know what is the matter between you and them.)


Lohner said target dummies are expensive, don’t push your luck we already have five and you keep throwing them off a cliff!


Lohner just using that as an excuse because he’s lazy.

It’s the end of the world, who’d be supplying him training dummies anyway?


C’mon, the end of the world is not an excuse for being wasteful! Modesty is what keeps us civilized.


I just wanna know where the funk they came from! We’re on this castle thingy miles above ground with no civilization in sight with people who have mostly spent their lives killing rats yet we have all these HUMAN skulls everywhere. It’s driving me completely bonkers and hey, I did say I’ve spent ample time in the Keep; that changes a person.

It was supposed to tower over Helmgart but they didn’t get all of Helmgart to look good from above in the two weeks of beta they had left, so mostly Bretonian skulls I guess.

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I just figured it was an old, forgotten, random no-name keep like Fort Blackenedburger. In my headcanon the skulls come from the previous inhabitants that came to a bad end a generation or two ago, and no one even remembers who they were or when it happened. Nothing ends well in Warhammer, after all.


BTW I th8nk the keep should be lowered to reasonble altitud3. I mean, right now it feels like we’re on top of some smaller himalayan mountain. I think the oxygen deprivtion could be a serious problem and trees, grass etc. are no-go at this elevtion. M9v8ng the keep to around 1800m above sea level would be lot more reasonable, damn, even 2000, but current 3 miles(at least tht’s how it looks like) is a bit excessive.

That’s a shite ton of inhabitants, almost seems like the keep was used during a similar time, for instance as a safe house but for an entire community. Or it’s just a silly skull fetish found in typical warhammer settings. I just want my spring festival theme back :pleading_face:

Oh, I’m absolutely certain this is the IRL reason. I just contorted it in my head a bit until it make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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