Keep Unlocks and Locations

Okay so I just got my last of the 5 heroes to level 10 to get all their rooms unlocked in the keep. I love the fact the keep changes as you level up and would love the ability to customize the paintings again. I was just wondering if anything else changes about the keep?

Suggestions for what could happen, as you beat a boss you could have a souvenir from them appear somewhere in the keep to display your victory over them.

A Higher level hero could get a better room, Kruber’s room could upgrade the small seating area outside as well as the area above his room where the ladder leads.
Sienna’s room could be less off a mess and maybe decorate it with some of the cool runic symbols she uses.
Saltzpyre could have the room opened up where the blood leads and possibly have a caged skaven or something.
Bardin’s room could have the bottom floor done up a bit and make a bit more room.
Kerillian’s should connect up into the tree and make it possible to go up and hang out in the tree.


I think (well I wish for it) there will be something more. After V1 and beating game on cata difficulty you get those banners in INN. There need to be something like this here=]

looking at devs If not we will cosplay as rats and we will horde your HQ!

Oh I remind something from old days D1. In one quest some goblin says “give me the magic banner or we attack!”

Id love Mass Effect style house for your heroes, your inactive heroes could lurk around and talk to each other, there could be your red weapons displayed, trophies from mini/bosses, armour stands with your unlocked skins.

I wouldnt say no to being able to repair the whole keep but that would either mean DLCs or some farming … on the other hand if you used regular crafting resources it could work as item dump for people who will play for long time …

You’ll get access to more parts of the keep as you progress through the story, including when beating the final mission.

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Can I ask (you can write it on priv to not make spoilers for others) what it was for beating last mission?
I had bug that after playing beta my whole keep had rooms/locations that you could not enter.
There was no “unblocking” while progressing. After I finish mission one act one all opened, and I don’t know which part was for last mission.

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