Can we get an official statement about Keep Cosmetics?

So in the closed beta we were able to put Warhammer painting in our Keep to give it a nice touch but this feature disappeared during one of the beta phase.

I was hoping to see it back for release but nothing and I couldn’t find any official information about it.

So is it possible to get some information here ? An ETA or news about what went wrong ?

The Keep really feels empty and it such a waste.



I’m curious about this too.

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they’re expanding on the keep every few patches. explore each patch to find new stuff :smiley:

I really don’t think this is true. The only thing new in the Keep is when you reach level 10 with a character and got a new room for this specific character.

I’m talking about Keep “cosmetic upgrades” like the paintings or in V1 the difficulties banner you got in the tavern for finishing all mission in a specific difficulty.

In V2 this is really lacking right now and we have no word about it nor in the “roadmap” if we can call it liek that since it just show up to April.

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