How many Keep upgrades are there?

Anyone know what types of upgrades you can get for the keep?

So far I have seen:

Collectors Edition Statue
Private Quarters for each hero when reaching level 10 (the bedroll in the main hall is removed and a new room opens at level 10).

That’s pretty much all though.

Does keep get further upgraded upon reaching other levels or completing deeds, or specific difficulty levels?

I have no idea. So far the keep feels very empty… so much potential for cool stuff. I hope they’ll add something

The keep itself has 4 states too.
The rubble-filled version you see after the prologue (no doors).
The version with rubble blocking the upper areas
All areas unlocked except the top floor/roof
All areas + roof access (I believe this is for clearing every mission)

It currently doesn’t feel like a “reward” to unlock everything. The roof part is really underwhelming, especially for what is essentially a ‘big deal’ in the story.

With everything unlocked (recruit difficulty) , there are still locked doors, and areas which are completely inaccessible. I assume these will be unlocked with future DLC

I honestly have no clue. They are patching the game so much with hidden patchnotes idk if Im unlocking more or if they are simply adding it. The other day i noticed i have an area at the top of my keep with messenger crows that i swear wasnt there before.

But while we are on the subject, I would like to have a pet chinchilla or something in my keep. Maybe a lizard.

As I remember, In some stage of beta it was possible to change pictures on the walls